My Love For Mom! Mother's Day Special

By: Nagarathna
Nagarathana with mother
This is a story written by one of our readers. On this mother's day, she wants to make her mom feel special by writing this real story of her life. Lets check out what she has shared with us!


What can you say about her? It is unexplainable! You just can’t express by writing or saying things... She is above everything. She is a divine gift for every child. She is the greatest treasure that God has given to us. We call our mother with various names such as mama, mom, mommi, ammi, amma or maa. Whatever be the name, the weight of the name is too strong to be defeated. This mother’s day, I want to recollect all my memories with you. The time when we toddled till now, when every day we wait to return home from work and fill our stomach with your handmade food. This is a dedication for my mother on this mother’s day.

In our childhood, she took care of us (My brother and I) as a flower. When we reached our adolescence, she became our friend; and now that we are adults, she is everything to us! She became our well-wisher and will continue to be our friend till our last breath. We siblings are like her two eyes. The love is same from planting a flower till it blooms, my mom is always with us!

When we are in pain for some reason, she feels the pain; when we smile, she does too. Who else can be with you like this? None other than the GEM - MOM. Mom, what I can say…how much ever I express, words run short.

Being a working woman, she manages both home and work single-handed, without complains. And the food she cooks, believe me, it’s delicious. In fact, finger licking good. She has never said NO to anything. Whatever I wish to get, I would get it the next day! That’s the love of my mom.

People (even in this modern era) always say that girls should not be given too much freedom or they should be under control, but my mom never thought so. Though there is a generation gap, she adapted the new gen style and agreed to whatever I asked. I wanted to join sports, she agreed for it and now I am a good player. And when I wanted to pursue higher studies, she gave me the best education and now in whatever stage I am, it’s just because of her. She let me tour many places along with my friends and faculty, and I am damn sure that many parents would not let ‘A Girl’ travel so far for days. She is my inspiration, she is my HERO. “Mom thanks for being with me and I know that you are always there for me. I promise that I will never break your trust.”

When I am frustrated, I shout at her, but she is so lovable and calm. Matured enough to handle me so patiently that later I myself realise my fault and apologise. And because of this quality, my friends also love her and gel easily. She is so jovial, I bet, anyone who meets her will love her.

At times I pester her by saying she is partial only towards my brother, though I never confessed this. Mom..., I want to say this now, “You aren’t partial towards any one. I love you soooo much for everything you have done for us.”

Mom, this is just a small dedication to you. If there is any such thing called next janam, I want to be your daughter again. “LOVE YOU MAA..”

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