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Worst Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions!

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Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions!
When you see celebrities on screen, all you observe is their dress, hairstyle, makeup, watch, footwear and jewelery. All the famous fashion designer outfits becomes a trend. While some celebrities carry the outfit well, there are a few who wear something that doesn't suit their personalities. Whatever be the outfit, carrying it is important! When you know you are scanned by the cameras, you have to keep up appearances. However, sometimes, stitches of even famous fashion designer outfits can open up anywhere. To make my point more clear, check out the celebrities who have gone through wardrobe malfunction.

Celebrity wardrobe malfunctions:

Jennifer Lopez: The diva also faced a wardrobe malfunction in front of millions. While announcing the winner at Grammy 2012, Jennifer Lopez's outfit revealed her bosom and this wardrobe malfunction instantly became a twitter trend!

Paris Hilton: She has not faced this fashion disaster the first time. Many times, prying cameras have captured her wardrobe malfunction pictures. Be it while getting out of a car without an underwear or bending down full dressed but without underwear.

Britney Spears: Be it before pregnancy or after the delivery. This singer has shown her assets many times due to wardrobe malfunction. From sitting carelessly to getting down from car without inner garments, we have seen it all!

Yana Gupta: Similar to Britney Spears, Yana Gupta's wardrobe malfunction was awful! She wore a short black dress on a function. This short dress showed her assets which were not covered by any under garments!

Frieda Pinto: The Slumdog Millionaire star may be known as a fashionista but, even this celebrity faced a wardrobe malfunction. While attending an award function, her white underwear inside the blue short one piece was clearly visible to the cameras.

Angelina Jolie: Her tight-fitting leather pants started tearing off from the butt-line. Angelina's opening stitches from the trousers were highlighted accidentally by with Brad Pitt's hand but the cameras captured it all....

Dimple Kapadia: In Bollywood, this celebrity's wardrobe malfunction is unforgettable. While shooting for the film, Sagar, her robe fell down and this sight was really embarrassing for the yesteryear star. Though the scene was removed from the movie.

Janet Jackson: While performing with Justin Timberlake on the stage, a step turned out as a malfunction for the star! When Justin tried to rip Janet's costume, her right bosom (which was pierced) popped out completely!

Shamita Shetty: After Yana Gupta's black dress malfunction, this celebrity faced a similar one. Surprisingly, Shamita also wore a black dress! Her no underwear outfit was clearly visible when the pictures were published in a daily tabloid.

These are the few celebrities who have faced wardrobe malfunction. Any other malfunction you are aware of?

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 2, 2012, 16:19 [IST]
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