Famous Celebrities Who Fought Cancer

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Cancer is one of those killer diseases that have deluded the doctors for more than a century now. Whether or not, cancer is curable is a highly debatable issue. It is a disease that cheats you. You may go through the entire painful procedure of surgery or chemotherapy and think that you are cured. But, cancer reappears after 10 years and claims your life again. Fighting cancer is thus a commendable job.

Many of our favourite celebrities have had cancer and shown great courage to fight it out. These are some of the celebrities who fought cancer and came out victorious.

Celebs Who Fought Cancer

Celebrities Who Fought Cancer:

1. Lance Armstrong: He is a of 'cancer celebrity' of sorts. We can say this because more people know him for those yellow 'anti-cancer' Live-strong bands than they knew him as a cyclist. He is the famous sportsperson who went on to win the Tour De France (cycling competition) 7 times after he was cured of terminal testicular cancer that had spread to his lungs and brain. He is the sensational legend who popularized the yellow wristbands.

2. Yuvraj Singh: This star Indian cricketer is one of the latest victims of cancer. It took the cricket crazy nation by shock to hear that their very own Yuvi had cancer. Yuvraj had a rare variety of lung cancer but this lad of 29 took it in his stride and has fought back like a real hero.

3. Lisa Ray: She was a super model in her 20s and a small time actor in her early 30s. At 38, she became popular for her blog, 'The Yellow Diaries' that helped many people cope with cancer. Yes, Lisa Ray has Myeloma which is again a rare variety of bone marrow cancer. She underwent a new kind of stem cell treatment that uses the stem cells from menstrual blood. She is now an ambassador for this debatable stem cell therapy.

4. Robert De Niro: You might be amazed to know that the severe father from 'Meet The Parents' had his tryst with cancer too. He was lucky that his prostrate cancer was detected at an early stage in 2003. This kind of cancer does not have a very high survival rate but De Niro survived both cancer and an ugly divorce!

5. Cynthia Nixon: She was orange haired 'Miranda' from popular soap opera 'Sex And The City'. The daily soap had ended with one of the characters 'Samantha' fighting breast cancer. But in real life, it was Cynthia who battled breast cancer. She faced the media with a bald head after her chemo sessions and became an inspiration for women fighting cancer.

These celebrities who fought cancer are role models for many victims of the deadly disease all over the world. Do you know of any other such inspirational figures?

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 27, 2012, 17:11 [IST]
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