4 Best Expensive Salons For Haircuts!

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Expensive salons for styling your hair are not difficult to come by. However it is difficult to find one that you can trust with your hair. What is the point of getting the most expensive haircut in the world when you yourself are not happy with it? If you need a haircut that will 'look' professional even if it happens to be the most expensive one in town then you can go through the following list of the best and most expensive hair salons in India.

Top 4 Hair Salons In India:

1. Jawed Habib: Yes you do see cheap franchised versions of this famous hair salon in every nook and corner of the city but those are not the ones we are talking about. These salons that promise a great haircut for Rs 99 are all franchised like fast food joints. They are run by hairstyles trained in the Jawed Habib academy. Most often they are total amateurs who have probably never been trained by guru Habib in person. How about getting a haircut from the Jawed Habib? Yes he is one of the best hair stylists in India although a tad bit more expensive than the others. If you want do an really luxurious experimentation with your hair then here you are.

2. Lakme Beauty Salon: One of the premier and most expensive salons in you'll find in town. It is like going to a Wall Mart for your hair! It is an answer to all your hair needs be it styling, trimming, curling, perming, straightening or hair extensions. You can depend on fashion expert Lakme to do the best that is possible with your hair and your expensive haircut will be every bit worth the cash you pay. The best part about Lakme is that it is present in almost all the major cities in India.

3. Loreal: This is an expensive unisex salon present in almost all the big cities in India and abroad. Earlier Loreal as a brand name were presumed to be experts only in hair colour. So you went to this salon for highlighting or colouring your hair. But now Loreal has launched into styling and other hair products in a big way. You can definitely trust the world leaders in hair products with an expensive hair cut.

4. Nalini & Yasmin: This famous hair salon in Mumbai is one of the most recommended salons in India. Whoever goes here goes back and brings back many customers. Situated in Bandra it Nalini and Yasmin are experts in haircare and provide consultation for hair problems apart from styling and haircuts. May not be the most expensive salon in the country but definitely one of the best.

The most important element about going to an expensive hair salon is the your satisfaction. No matter how high end the place you won't go back unless you are happy.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 11, 2011, 15:20 [IST]
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