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International Day of Education 2023: Date, Theme And Significance

Education is the source that you can tap for creativity and ideas and this is what makes the world go around. All of us have a right to education, as per the Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However great many of us are education deprived and suffer from lack of information and an analytical mindset. Sometimes being financially well off seems to be the only way to qualify for the facility of education. But It is not for the economically challenged.

Let us delve further and analyse the importance of the World Education Day.

The world education day is not only meant for recognizing the role of education in human lives but also for bridging the gender inequality when it comes to imparting of education. Quality education can play a momentous role in eradicating poverty and provide a sustainable future for all. It is an investment in yout own self, and implementing of various methodologies to grow in to a socially, economically better versions.

International Day of Education 2023: History

It was the pioneering effort of the United Nations General Assembly whose resolution to proclaim 24 January as the World Education Day was adopted on 3 December 2018. This successfully materialised as several other member states joined hands with this effort. The first International Education Day was observed on 24 January 2019. The International Day of Education 2023 is going to be finally celebrated on 24 January..

International Day of Education 2023: Theme

The theme of 2023 is all about ""To invest in people, prioritize education".
Education lets you understand the global perspective over several plaguing issues with respect to the mankind. Innovation and break through developments are possible only with introduction of education into human lives.

International Day of Education 2023: Significance

1. To achieve sustainable development, literacy and education are the key watch words that need to be carefully understood. This is the goal of United Nations that has been implemented by many countries. It is a fundamental human right that we should safeguard and a value to be fostered for achieving real growth in this fast-developing world.
2. Poverty in Underdeveloped countries, can be gradually step by step, controlled, with right opportunities that help us solve it. Education helps you develop critical skills that help you take informed and educated decisions about your professional and personal lives.
3. Illiteracy and lack of education deepens the chasm between the educated and the uninformed, creates a colony of underprivileged individuals. We need to support the digital transformation, and empower teachers to unlock potential of every individual they chance to meet. It should be taken up as a cause and as a public responsibility.
4. Educated people have a richer personality so they can take their independent steps towards personal and professional progress. We can contribute to the world and its educational concerns by learning about a new discipline or supporting the case of a needy child, or donate charitably for various NGOs that are striving to bring education to the doorsteps of every human being amongst us.

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