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Does Your Dream Home Say Anything About You As A Person?

Human beings have their fantasies, laced with farfetched ambitions which might turn into reality for a lucky few. But the rest of us are happy with what we have. But all of us love to own a house someday. Home translates to happy memories, and dwelling pleasure. A house is so essential to have, in a person's life that one struggles his lifetime to build a home of his own. Whatever it might be, a dream home is something that reveals a side of you that was not veiled from public sight. Your personality traits and your dream home are interlinked. Your whims and fancies about a dream home show up who you are.

Find out who you are, amongst these personality types, based on the type of dream home that you fancy.

1. Forest Cabin

Are you one of those frustrated souls who find the noisy metropolis out of sync with your inner silence? If you yearn for the silence and peace of the forests, and fancy building a forest cabin that resonates with your calm, you are an introvert who is soft spoken and quiet most of the time. Although you don't find the idea of living amidst mayhem acceptable, you are not a rude person either. You are familiar with the word empathy and what it takes to be empathetic. People form deeper relationships with you, thanks to your compassionate nature. A flair for arts and idealism demarcates you from the rest. You take decisions on the spur of the moment.

2. Penthouse

Daredevils usually love to gaze at the earth from a dizzying heights and pent house is one of the options to enjoy the scenario down below. You are a typical extrovert if this is your choice for a mysterious holiday. Lively, generous and highly energetic, you enjoy spending time with people. A natural leader, you brim over with charisma. You are organized and quick in decision making.

3. Beach House

If you prefer the views of the sea whose thunderous tides occasionally get subdued by the deafening quiet, you are likely to be an ambivert. You are indeed a stickler for peace and kindness is a part of your package. You take longer to break the ice when you are introduced to someone. However, you are relaxed with a casual attitude. You live in the present and leave past behind. You possess an inherent Creativity and a sense of adventure.

4. Mansion

Do you have this unfulfilled ambition of having a palatial mansion with servants and caretakers and love to live life king size? You are a generous soul who is an extrovert by attitude and gives a yen for meaningful relationships Although you are a little vain at times, but at the same time you do not tread on people's ego. Huge gatherings and crowds usually bring the best out of you. You are enthusiastic optimist who is otherwise very impulsive.

5. Suburban Home

Are your goals of having an own house restricted to a front yard and garage that is attached to a house with modest dimensions? Are you at your best living in the suburbs? If so, you possess that rare quality called Contentment, with a happy outlook and positivity that defines you. Caring, honest, hardworking, you form strong relationships. The only snag is that you can speak harshly sometimes. You are very much of a family man and workaholic to the right extent, and utilize what is on your hands to the fullest extent. To you, loyalty equates with Godliness.

6. Farmhouse

Living in a farmhouse, surrounded by family, pets and crops, you feel most comfortable and that is the most ideal personality type that any one can come across. Humility, calm and confidence are you hall marks since birth. You know how to work hard and at the same time thoroughly enjoy your leisurable pursuits. You are a risk taker who loves to explore the untouched terrains. You are just and fair and reserved who loves to open up only with people of the same wavelength.

Story first published: Thursday, January 12, 2023, 20:44 [IST]
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