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Katy Perry fears Bad Breath

By Sruthi Appu

Tooth decay, bad teeth set or bad breath will ruin anyone's peace. Having any of these can ruin your impression too, hence people take care of their teeth, so as to avoid these factors of bad impression.

Katy Perry, the famous American singer / song writer, says that one of the things that spoils her sleep is having a bad breath. She said that when she was a kid she was not bothered much about teeth and its health but now in a day, at least three times she brushes her teeth.

When asked what is the motivation to crave for shiny teeth set, she said “I brush my teeth all the time. I wanted them to be, like, Britney Spears-white." “I used to grow up seeing her music videos and be like," 'What does she do? Does she get a new set of teeth all the time? They"re so white', she added.

She also revealed that guys with bad breath are great turn off. “I"m really anal about that because I like good breath. A turn off for me with guys is, like, halitosis... I"m the kind of friend that"s like, 'Stick a piece of gum in your mouth, 'cos I"m gonna save some friendships for you", she said.

The reason behind she being so freaked out about her teeth is that once, she had 13 cavities and when she met dentists, they said that she will have to go for a new set of teeth.

She added, “I"ll brush my teeth (after) breakfast, lunch and dinner... I did have 13 cavities at one time, so you can imagine why I"m so freaked out."

Having a healthy teeth set, of course defines you. And the one factor that contributes immensely to your beauty is your smile, both for men and women. So take care of your teeth.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 29, 2010, 13:53 [IST]
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