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It's Expensive To Live In UK

By Staff

{image-}Experts say that it is highly expensive to live in UK than most of the cities in the world. Even though the cost of living depends on every person and his lifestyles, a stay in the UK demands you to spend more than your expectations.

Accommodation, food, dining and drinking, transportation, entertainment and much more realms of lifestyle will make you spend out a good amount from your earnings. There are significant ways of cost reduction like shared housing, public transport etc...

The first reason for the hight cost of living is that London is one of the three command centers for commerce and international business in the world. Living in this major city will definitely be pricey and cost of goods and services can be twice as much compared to smaller towns in the United Kingdom.

The second reason is that London offers quality living. There are well designed residential areas to live in. The number of Islands around London also makes lifestyle luxurious, but of course at a reasonable cost.

Therefore, if you are planing to live the rest of your in UK, make sure that your financial balance is big enough to meet the expenses of the superior lifestyle.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 3, 2008, 16:07 [IST]
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