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Dog Breeds For The Laziest Owners

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Are you one those dog owners who let your dog pee at home just because you don't want to go for a walk early in the morning? Then you fall under the category of a lazy dog owner. Dogs need a lot of exercise. In fact, physical exercise is part of dog's fitness regime. Your laziness can cause your pet many grave health problems.

However, if you are rearing one of the laziest dog breeds then you need not worry. The speciality of the laziest dog breeds is that they do not need too much exercise. The dog as a pet must reflect your own personality. And if you are a very lazy guy then the laziest dog breeds suit you perfectly. Your dog will be just as lazy as you are. And then, the two of you will be perfectly compatible.

Dogs as pets are very good night guards. You will be surprised to know that being lazy does affect a dog's quality as a watchman of your home. Some of the most ferocious watchdogs like greyhounds and chow chow are considered lazy. But don't expect the laziest dog breeds to give you playful dogs. These dogs are sombre but very loyal.

Here some dog breeds for the laziest owners in the world.



Pekingese are basically lapdogs. They are happier poking their hand out of a lady's bag than running around.


Bull Dog

Don't be deceived by its reputation; bull dogs are affectionate and funny dogs. They love to lie around and don't like to run too much. All that bulk needs is some rest. But if your house is under threat, your loyal canine will tear the offender apart.


Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise is basically a lapdog. And just like all other lapdogs, it likes to lie around and be cuddled. It can show occasional bursts of energy but you don't have to go for a long run with your bichon frise.



A greyhound is ferocious and large but it is an uncannily calm dog. Greyhounds are the best dog breeds for staying alone at home. If you are busy working couples, greyhounds make great pets for you.


Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso is a mountain dog with long flowing hair from Tibet. It is traditionally a watchdog. However, now, the Lhasa is a popular family dog. If you have kids, it will play along but if you are a couch potato, then your loyal mate stays by your side.


Chinese Star Pei

These huge and elegant dogs are very lazy for their type. They love home and family more than anybody. They like short walks but are always happy to return home.


Chow Chow

Chow Chows are loners; they do not mix well with other dog breeds or even their own breed. They will keep a watchful eye on your home and for that, they station themselves at home. Short walks are all the exercise that chow chows need.



Keeshonds are dogs that are beautifully adapted to small spaces. You can easily have one in your apartment. And they are very adaptable dogs. With an active owner, they can display lots of energy. But when they are around a lazy owner, they become lazy themselves.


Shih Tzo

Shih Tzo is a cute little lapdog. They like to be petted and played with but lack massive energy. They are slow runners and do not enjoy exercise.


Cavalier Spaniel

This dog breed was owned by British King Charles. These dogs are known for their adjusting ability. They are usually active and love to play with kids. But in the hands of the lazy owner, they adapt very well to low activity levels.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 16, 2013, 15:40 [IST]
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