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7 Dog Breeds For Older People

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For the elderly, the days can become lonely at times. So, it is best to have a companion who can make your day and also protect you from dangers. We are talking about pets. Most of the elderly people opt for pets especially dogs. Old people need security and a loyal member in the house who will keep them active. You can easily trace small dogs breeds with older people in the park. This is because, elder people find it easy to look after and maintain a small dog breed. Do not go after the size of the dog. Few small and cute looking dogs like chihuahua and toy spaniel are aggressive and have a loud bark that can easily scare you!

As old people cannot be physically active to run behind huge dogs so, Pomeranian, Maltese, Poodle and Toy Spaniel are few ideal small dogs breed for the elderly people. However, if you want to keep a strong dog for your safety, then Golden Shepard can be the best breed for you. It all depends on the physical capability of the elder people.

Older people needs to keep pet dogs who require low maintenance and are easy to care for. Thus, here is a list of best dogbreeds for you. Check out...

7 dog breeds for older people:



The small furry dog can be one of the best companion for an elder couple. Maltese are small and a loving dog breed. However, you have to care for the furry coat of the dog.



The sweet feminine dog is another popular dog breed that is not only popular among young girls but elderly too! The loud bark of the small chihuahua can double up the security of the house.


Toy poodle

Toy poodle is small and loves to be surrounded by people. This dog breed needs to be pampered. Thus, elder people can love this affectionate dog.


Manchester Terrier

Want a huge dog for security? Manchester terrier are loyal and one of the most honest dog breeds; ideal for older people.



This dog breed is very commonly found in most of the pet lovers house. The small furry dog can be furious at times. However, they love to be surrounded by family members.


Toy Spaniel

The small and lovely dog breed is jovial and calm. However, they can wary with strangers so elder people can keep them for their safety.



After the popularity of this dog breed in commercials, we all love pug dogs. They are small, cute and easy to maintain. The active pugs require attention and love from the owner.

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