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Giving a pet to your child can aid a lot of help in their psychological development. They learn to nurture a sense of responsibility by looking at the pet. But you certainly have to be the prime nurturer of the pet. Keeping certain safety issues in mind is very essential before you give a pet to kids. It is always better that you give some small and harmless varieties of animals to your kid as pets. But before you buy a pet, you have to make sure that there is enough space for the pet in your house. Let us consider a few options of small pets that you can give your kids.

Pug- Pugs are a real good breed of dogs that can be gifted as a pet to your kids. They are relatively less harmful and are of cool nature. Pugs love kids and are a wonderful companion. They are of a happy-go-lucky attitude and are consistent with the rules that you train them in. Give this pet to your child and make him/her happy.

Pet For Your Child

Hamster- A hamster is an ideal pet for your child, especially if he/she is keeping a pet for the first time. Hamsters are really cute and your kids are going to love it. They are also very social and easy to tame. But, a Hamster is nocturnal which makes it impossible for the child to play with it during the day. In spite of it, what makes a hanster perfect pet for a child is it's friendly nature and the small size. It is the perfect of all small pets and can fit in anywhere in the house.

Rabbits- Many children love to choose rabbits as their pets. Rabbits can be easily kept in hutches inside the house. At the day time, you should leave them open to play as they need a lot of exercise. Though they are very cute, you must beware because they bite sometimes. Get your rabbits the proper vaccinations so that no one develops infections due to a rabbit bite. You also have to train them to hold the rabbits in a proper way or else they might hurt them.

Gold Fish- Gold fish is a very good option for kids who are allergic to dogs and cats. A gold fish will stay away from their touch and hence will cause no health problems to your child. Moreover, you can easily keep them in a small fish-bowl and place it anywhere. And they will attract the attention of your kids as they come in very attractive colours.

Cats- Cats can be a very good option for slightly older kids. You can gift this pet to your child as cats are independent and won't cause much trouble. They are very cute, friendly and love to be pampered. But at the same time, they find it hard to adjust with noisy people.

So before you gift a pet to your kids, keep the choices and the age of your child in mind and then take a decision.

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