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Love Birds As Pets: Day To Day Caring And More!

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Love Birds
Valentine's day is here, if your girlfriend/boyfriend likes birds as pets then there is no better opportunity than this to gift love birds. Love birds are most adorable pets as they are affectionate, small and easy to care. They can kept in bird cages and look very colourful in both indoor as well as outdoor.

Love birds are always bought in pair and are very playful. They are good breeders but sensitive. Today, we will discuss about love bird care and food. Take a look.

Love Birds As Pets – Day To Day Caring!

1. Love birds are fussy eaters. Although the seeds (tropical granules) are healthy formulated diets for these types of birds, they need to be as minimal as possible.

2. Fresh fruits, greens and vegetables are best love bird food and are chopped into bits for easy feeding. Wet leaves and vegetables will have to be avoided, peas and sweet corn are their favorites. 2 to 3 teaspoons of pellets with fresh vegetables and fruits will be a nutritious love bird food.

3. Love birds need to be taken to the veterinarian after the first week of purchase. Normally the birds are prone to psittacosis which can also be transmitted to humans. Surprisingly, the disease is not very common in love birds.

4. The pet owners can own any number of love birds depending on space, time and interest. Buying these type of bird in pairs will help for future breeding.

5. Identifying the male and female love birds is not very easy as both look identical. However the pet retailer will need to certify (give in writing) about the sex of the love birds.

6. Love birds like quiet and green places so place the clean cage in a corner that has some potted shrubs and flower vases. They require a fairly large cage (about 2 feet by 2 feet). They like cage mirrors, swings and ladders so the update the cage to keep them active and playful.

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Story first published: Friday, February 3, 2012, 15:41 [IST]
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