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Best Fish For Your Office Desk

To make the bay look fresh and lively, many employees decorate it with small plants or with a fish bowl. There are many varieties of fish that you can use to decorate your cubicle. Fish are a great companion who require low-maintenance. You just need to feed them once or twice in a day and clean the small tank. Cleaning the tank or fish bowl will not take much time so, if you are planning to keep a fish bowl at your office desk, you can try!

If you are all set to have a fish as your pet at workplace, you have to check with the workplace rules. In many companies, you are not allowed to keep fish or plants. Most of the workplaces are lenient towards growing plants but not that lenient to keeping fish! So, consult the office staffs or HR before buying the fish.

Several varieties of fish can be kept at the office desk. You need a small fish bowl or a self-contained tank. Fish bowls are great to decorate your office desk. Just make sure you always keep the small or big fish in at least 5 gallons of water. You also need a filter, a small bucket, fish food, siphon hose to change water and water test kit. If you want to decorate your fish bowl or tank, get some colourful pebbles and aquarium plants. You can also buy plastic plants to decorate your fish bowl. If you want to keep fish in your office cubicle, here are few best varieties of fish that you can choose from.

Fish for office desk:



It is known as a good luck symbol. Bring good luck and prosperity by keeping goldfish as your pet at office cubicle.


Betta splendens

Betta fish is very commonly seen at office desks. The red coloured fish with a furry tail can add colour and vibrancy to your desk


Red tail shark

Love aggressive and hyper-active fish? Then try keeping this shark as your pet. Do not keep other varieties of fish with a shark. They love to stay alone!


Dwarf cichlid-aulonocara fish

These gold colour miniature fish are active and looks cute too! Women can keep them as their pet to decorate their cubicle.


Red, white and blue beta fish

This is another betta fish that are ideal for women fish lovers. However, the colourful betta fish loves to stay alone and are aggressive too!


Blue fighter fish

Men love to keep fighter fish. They are too active and also helps the fish lover refresh their minds. The colourful fighter fish also loves to stay alone.

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