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How To Celebrate Valentines Day With Your Pet?

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Celebrate Valentines Day Pet
Valentine's day is coming close. If you are single and don't have any valentine this year, don't get upset. Your pet can be your valentine! It is not funny. Here are few ideas to celebrate valentine's day with your pet.

Simple ideas to celebrate valentine's day with your pet:

Bake: Bake a chocolate cookie for your valentine. Choose the flavour your pet loves. To make it special for the day, design the cookie in heart shape. Add only those ingredients which are safe and healthy for your pet. You can also give your pet extra meat to make the day special.

Gift a toy: Pets want to feel important and loved. Shower your love for your pet by gifting some toys. For dogs, get a bone and for cats, get some rats. Pets are fully entertained and busy with the toys. It is a good time pass for them. A simple tip to celebrate valentine's with your loving pet.

Go out: If your pet loves to travel, go to a special place. If you show love and care for your pet, the pet will be more happy with you. Nothing can be more special than getting loved by someone who only listens to you! You can either go for a small vacation or a nice evening walk.

Print: How about getting the foot prints of your pet? It is memorable and can be a unique addition to your wall. Frame a nail or foot print of your pet and get the red frame.

Red rug: For a comfortable sleep of your pet, you should have rug mats at home. Rug mats protects the pet from cold and makes them feel cozy. Celebrate your valentine day by getting a red rug mat for your pet.

Try these simple ideas to celebrate valentine's day with your lovely pet. Give lots of kisses and hugs to your pet. It is not necessary to have a valentine on this day. Your pet is also special. Make them feel you love them!!!! 

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Story first published: Thursday, February 2, 2012, 17:35 [IST]
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