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Common Winter Health Problems Of Dogs!

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Health Problems Of Dogs
As winter season is approaching, it is time to be aware of the winter health problems in pets. Dog allergies, cold, hair shedding etc are common winter health problems of dogs. To assure good health of your canine companion, here are few winter care tips for dogs.

Winter health care to prevent problems of dogs:

Winter allergies: Due to lack of fresh air in the house during the winter season, dogs are mostly at home therefore chances of allergies rise. Clean house with low humidity prevents the dogs from skin allergies. Red skin, itching in feet, belly, paws, face are few symptoms of skin allergies in dogs. This is mainly caused because of dry skin. Biotin is most often used with fatty acids to treat dogs with allergies. It is safe with no side effects or toxins. Consult your pet before choosing medications.

Hair: To get rid of hair shedding, trim the hair from the body especially from the toes and footpads to remove dirt and bacteria which stick to the hair during winter.

Arthritis: It is a common winter health problem of the dogs. This is generally common among young pets and geriatric pets. It is very important to protect the dogs from injuries as a common fracture can also lead to arthritis. Even overweight dogs are more prone to suffering from arthritis. Exercise and a walk can prevent the dogs from suffering this winter health problem.

Hypothermia: This is another winter health problem in which the body temperature is lower than the expected one. This can lead to fever or cold. Keep the dog in warm temperature and put some coat on it to protect from the cold weather conditions. Keep the dog away from cold and if hypothermia in the dog is severe, then take to a vet.

Give warm water: To maintain dog care in the winter season, give warm water every time to the dog. It helps prevent them from cold and cough.

These are the common health problems of dogs in the winter season. Proper winter care for dogs can keep the dog free from diseases and poor health.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 21, 2011, 17:35 [IST]
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