Pet Insurance, Policy And Types

Pet Insurance
Pets, for many, is not just an animal but is a part of their family. And for those pet owners pet insurance is as important as their family health insurance. If your pet is ill or injured or has met with an accident then the insurance will take care of its veterinary expenses. Some insurance policies will also pay out if the pet dies, or lost or stolen. Today, pet owners are getting smarter by insuring their pets so that in case of emergency it will be of great help to them. However, the pet insurance will not give coverage for the pet's routine treatment. Many popular financial services like Sainsburys pet insurance offer the best insurance quotes for pets. Sainsburys pet insurance is also an award winning pet insurance service which also offer good discounts for online registrations. For more information check the Sainsburys pet insurance official site.

The first insurance policy was sold in Britain. And today Britain has one of the highest level insurance policy for pets in the world. In India, insurance for pets is only meant for dogs and cats. Some insurance companies offer special insurance for Horses but only other countries offer insurance for rare pets like frogs, Chameleons and turtles. For more, take a look at the pet insurance policy types.

Pet Insurance Policy types -

1. Life Time Cover : This coverage insures your pet for the duration of its life. Life long insurance is the most expensive type of cover where the ongoing coverage is renewed annually. The Insurance premium will also be the highest of all.

2. Per Condition Cover : This cover is a selective type of policy and also is subjected to a time limit. This cover is usually cheaper than the lifetime cover and is extremely popular.

3. Annual Insurance Cover : Annual cover tends to be the cheapest but is not very flexible for the owners as it has the limit on coverage for a period of 12 months. The policy is not the best option for pets that are diagnosed to undergo long term treatments and therapy.

Get your pets insured by selecting any of the above pet insurance types as it is the most minimal care that we can show for our pets which give us so much love and care.

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Story first published: Friday, January 28, 2011, 10:32 [IST]
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