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Dog Breeds Ideal For Working Couple

Posted By: Staff

Having pets is a passion for many. Working couples, even though there is a time constraint, feel having a pet is good and safe for the house. But choosing dogs shouldn't be according to their liking, it is all about maintenance and time they can give for their pets. 

Working couples should take a wise decision while selecting pets so that they don't end up making their pets unhappy and regret later. The selection criteria lies on the basis of the ease of training, intelligence, shedding, watchdog, guard dog, popularity, agility and good with kids. The pet breed that one prefers should fulfill al least 90% of these rules. Here are some of the dog breeds that are ideal for working couple. Take a look.

Dog Breeds Ideal For Working Couple -

Toy Fox Terrier is a fire cracker combo: courageous, outgoing, friendly, funny, entertaining, alert, spirited, determined, fearless, and fiercely loyal to his family. The Toy Fox Terrier is adaptable and can live anywhere, be it, a tiny apartment or on a farm. They are quick to house-train, which is rare with toy breeds. This is a big dog in a small package: alert, sassy, and wired for action. If you want him cuddled up in your lap, he'll be there or if you want to go for a walk in the rain, he's your man. He can make you laugh and can be a wonderful companion. All in all, a loving, loyal, and lovable breed.

They are quite easy to train, Shed a fair amount of hair and requires occasional grooming as it has got a short coats. Brushing once or twice in a week is enough to remove loose hair.

Doberman pinscher are called as dogs with human brains. A popularly known guard dog is a protective family pet. Dobermans are loving and stable dogs. They are obedient and loyal companion. Dobermans are incredibly intelligent, perceptive, intuitive, and sensitive, all of which makes them highly trainable.

However, they require you to be a firm pack leader, or they will assume the role. A Doberman will need training on obedience. The Doberman Pinscher is a versatile breed: family dog, agility champion, therapy dog, seeing eye dog, police dog. They are used to being active. They are fearless, outgoing, and up for anything, anytime.

The Doberman Pinscher is the most intelligent, easiest ans ideal to train of all dog breeds! He learns new commands quicker than any other breed, which makes him very easy to train. The Doberman Pinscher sheds a fair amount of hair and needs brushing.

The German Pinscher is both companion and guardian, small enough to curl up in your lap, and big enough to protect you. He is a confident, intelligent, independent, and assertive dog, and needs an owner with more leadership than he has, or he will run the house.

The German Pinscher needs fair and consistent discipline. A commitment to obedience training is a must with this breed. He has a high aptitude for training but is slow to learn. (But he's quick to house-train.) He is a problem solver with a strong will. This spirited dog can be a bit manipulative. He loves to have a job to do and is undoubtedly an ideal dog breed for working couple.

He also excels at obedience, tracking, and agility competition. He is truly a multipurpose companion. Occasional brushing is a must for this dog breed too.

The German Shepherd is a loyal, bold and courageous breed. He's self confident and utterly fearless. He won't back down if challenged! He's highly intelligent and learns commands very quickly. Because of his high trainability and courage he's the world's number one police and military dog! He's protective of his home and family.

You need to make sure that he knows that you're the boss or he will appoint himself boss and can become overly protective and territorial. You need to lay down the rules from day one, and he needs to follow them! If you're looking for a couch-potato this isn't the dog for you! He's known as a "one man" dog because he bonds more closely with one family member who he respects and trusts. He makes an excellent guard dog. It is easy to train and the medium-length coat requires an occasional brushing.

The Labrador Retriever is owned by millions of people around the world. A Lab can live quite happily in an apartment without a yard. If you have a yard it needs to be fenced or he will wander away. Besides being a excellent family pet he also excels at therapy work, as a guide dog, in the agility ring, at obedience competitions, in hunting, as a search and rescue dog.

The Labrador Retriever is the most intelligent and ideal to train of all dog breeds! He learns new commands quicker than any other breed, which makes him very easy to train and requires brushing because of the short fur.

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Story first published: Monday, May 9, 2011, 13:54 [IST]
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