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Pet Hair Loss Home Remedies

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Hair Shedding
Just like how we human beings, suffer from hair loss. Animals too have this problem, especially pet dogs. When it comes to looking after pets, owners will do anything to make sure they live in comfort and style.

A neighbor who owns a pet dog was recently complaining about his dogs hair loss problem. He was confused as to what to do in order to set his dog and himself free from this painful process of cleaning up the mess over and over again! So therefore, I decided to help him through some home remedies for dogs who have this problem of hair shedding or hair loss.

Some home remedies you can do to get rid of the problem of hair shedding.

1.You should keep in mind that most dogs shed their hair and it is quite common depending on the season. In most cases, some dog breeds have seasonal shedding where they undergo a great amount of hair loss in winter and then again in summer.

2.One best home remedies to follow is that after you bathe your pet dog. Pat him dry in the back yard and then brush him down. In this way you remove all the unwanted hair on its coat.

3.Oils are essential and the best ingredient one would use for hair fall. For dogs, it is advisable for to to use goldenseal. It is however important to consult the doctor first before you apply the goldenseal on your pet dogs coat to reduce the hair shedding problem. Also keep in mind that it is a potent herb so do not over use it.

4.Another home remedies for hair shedding in pet dogs is to put a small amount of flaxseed oil in its food. After a few weeks you would see the change in his hair fall with the help of flaxseed, it is good for other health benefits too.

5.Olive oil is said to do wonders for humans as well as pets. So if your loving pet dog is suffering from itching or hair shedding, rub a little bit of olive oil on to the palm of your hand to give the dog a nice body massage. The olive oil is said to give the dog a good and healthy coat with an unbelievable shine.

These are some home remedies in treating hair loss for pet dogs. Follow these tips for pet care as they are essential to keep pet dogs healthy and your home clean.

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Story first published: Monday, February 21, 2011, 10:52 [IST]
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