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How To Organize Your Refrigerator: 13 Useful Tips

Cleaning is a chore in the beginning but rewarding in the end. For instance, one final look at the deft touches you just imparted to your kitchen, leaves you in the seventh heaven, mesmerised. Follow any style, the Konmari ( Marie Kondo) or your experience, or trust instincts, and you are on the right track. You just wonder how and why you avoided it altogether giving so many reasons and pretexts, that of heavy workload work from home, of your kid that needs to be managed at the same level.

When you feel a sense of belonging with your stuff at home, cleaning up the mess becomes easier and a welcome chore. Your refrigerator of so many years, looking so organized and well arranged, inspires you to have finer ideas to keep it pretty and functional. An organized fridge saves you money and the effort of clearing the clutter every time. You know where exactly you have placed what, so that the next grocery shopping becomes almighty easier than you imagined.

How To Organize Your Refrigerator: 13 Useful Tips

1. Dispose Of Expired Ingredients

Pull out all the items from the fridge temporarily. Check the items for expiration date and throw away those that have already expired. While milk packets need to be used up the same day, items like salad dressings can continue to stay inside the fridge for months together. A few shallow containers help to keep everything in its place. Label each type of food and buy clear storage to suit the purpose.

2. Sort Your Shelves

Organizing your shelves will help you reduce waste because you will know exactly where everything is. Use your method and means to sort them out.

3. The Top Shelf

To shelves are usually warmer so do not keep any fresh produce there. Place those things which you use often here.

4. The Middle Shelf

Store dairy products and vegetables that are usually left uncovered such as berries. The middle shelf is usually taller of the three and hence you could keep relatively larger and taller containers here.

5. The Bottom Shelf

This shelf is strictly meant to be stored fresh items as this is the coolest part of the fridge.

6. The Drawers

Drawers need something fresh to store as they provide maximum freshness to the foodstuff you place there.

7. The Door

The door being the warmest part of the fridge, you can store condiments here.

8. Align Arrangements With Your Current Goals For Health

Perhaps there are certain items that you haven't used recently but they are not yet spoilt. See if you are going to prepare something with them or if you feel happy eating them. If the answer is no, then hand it over to someone needy. If you think you will truly use them, move them to an area of your fridge where they can be seen and remembered. Also, part with items which are not a part of your current eating habits. If they do not support your current goals or well-being, move on from these ingredients.

9. Store Similar Items Together

Keep cheese separate from vegetables in separate drawers or in separate containers.

10. Clean It Well

Remove all items from the fridge and scrub it thoroughly. Keep an opened box of baking soda in the fridge to keep it smelling fresh.

11. Keep Taller Items At The Back

When arranging foodstuff inside the shelves, shorter items should be towards the front and taller items at the back so that you will know where things are and it would be easy to get them.

12. Don't Stock Everything Beforehand

Stocking up items in the fridge for months together will prove to be a clutter. Do not purchase more than what you need in order to keep a part of the fridge empty. This habit will never let you leave leftovers in the fridge. First of all, be aware of what you stock and then keep it organized.

13. Have Ingredients Listed In A Sheet

Attach a dry-erase sheet to your refrigerator. This will help you to see which ingredients you have missed organizing, and which elements are going to expire soon so that you can have a plan to put to use everything you buy.

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