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10 Home Remedies To Kill Cockroaches

By Ajanta Sen

Pests of all kinds are notorious as they cause a terrible amount of damage to human health and property. Flies, spiders, bed bugs and mosquitoes are dangerous for human health, whereas borers and termites cause damage to the furniture. However, cockroaches are the pests that you should always be careful of.


Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Kitchen Cabinet

If you are serious about keeping your home safe from these pests, then you must know how to prevent cockroaches naturally. Though many chemical-based products are available in the market, but you need to find out the chemical-free ways to prevent cockroaches. These are effective for eradicating them, and they are safe for human bodies as well.

Get Rid Of Roaches Permanently From Home

Following are the chemical-free ways to prevent cockroaches, that you can rely on:


1. Use sugar and baking Soda:

This is one of the most effective chemical-free ways to prevent cockroaches. You can make a mixture of these two, and then sprinkle the mixture around the infested areas. Cockroaches die on feeding this mixture.


2. Use bay leaves:

These are fragrant leaves that are used in Indian cooking. Leave these leaves around the infested area of your home. The aroma drives the pests out of the nests and also out of your home. This is one of the most successful chemical-free ways to prevent cockroaches in your home.


3. Ammonia Solution:

This is yet another very effective way to remove these pests. You need to add two cups of ammonia in a bucket of water and then wash the kitchen with this solution. The pungent smell of the solution can drive these pests out of your kitchen.


4. Soap Solution:

Make a mixture of your bathing soap and water. Sprinkle the solution directly on the roaches. This kills them instantly without doing anything extra. You can use a sprinkle jar for spraying the solution.


5. Bait using Boric Acid:

You can use boric acid as a homemade bait to get rid of cockroaches. Prepare a dough using boric acid and flour. Spread dough balls all around the infested area. The cockroaches feeding on them would die due to the harmful effect of the acid.


6. Solution of Pepper, Onion, & Garlic:

This is one of the most effective chemical-free way to prevent cockroaches. Prepare a solution of pepper powder, onion paste, and garlic first and then mix it in a liter of water. Sprinkle the solution around the infested places. The smell of the mixture can drive them away from your home.


7. Use Listerine:

Prepare a mixture of listerine, water and dish washer liquid. Put the liquid in sprinkle jar and sprinkle it all over. The effect of this solution drives them away from your home.


8. Cucumber Trap:

Keep a few pieces of cucumber in a tin jar and leave it. The reaction between them can emit a smell that cockroaches do not like. They would certainly fly away from your home.


9. Pinesol and Bleach:

Make a mixture of these two ingredients by boiling it in water. Pour the mixture in the infested areas. This can be a very effective chemical-free way to prevent cockroaches.


10. Water Jar Trap:

This is an effective way to catch adult cockroaches. Half-fill a jar and place it closer to the wall. The cockroaches will get into it but they cannot come out of this trap.

You must know these methods of how to prevent cockroaches naturally. These methods do not use any harmful ingredient and are safe for humans too.

Story first published: Monday, May 4, 2015, 19:01 [IST]
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