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Top 5 Tips To Get Rid Of Lizards At Home

छिपकली, Lizards को ऐसे भगाएं घर से | Home Remedies | मोर पंख के अलावा भी हैं कई आसान तरीके | BoldSky

Lizards are capable of creating a nuisance in our homes. Lizards do reduce the insects of our house, but most people find them too gross to handle. Lizards have always been like some uninvited guests we cannot stand for long. Luckily, lizards are easy to get rid of.

In this article, we shall discuss of some easy and home based techniques of getting rid of lizards. Lizards can be avoided in a friendly way, without hurting the reptiles or killing them. These methods also avoid use of toxic substances which causes harm to the environment as well.

1.Peacock’s Feather – This is a common and harmless method of getting rid of lizards. Lizards are supposedly scared of peacock feathers and do not come in the house if they see these feathers. So, if you want to get rid of lizards from your house, put a peacock’s feather near the doors and windows and on the walls. This will definitely be effective in getting rid of lizards.

2.Naphthalene Balls – The Naphthalene balls are quite useful for keeping pests and insects out from the house. You can use naphthalene balls in cupboards, wardrobes and area where there are chances of lizards getting inside the house. Naphthalene balls have a pungent smell which helps to get rid of lizards and other insects as well.

3.Pepper Spray – This is a home based pesticide spray without any chemicals in it. To make this spray, mix water with red pepper and black pepper powder. Sprinkle this mixture on the walls, edges of door and windows and fixtures near doors and windows. The smell of the spray is very irritating for lizards. Also, the spiciness of the pepper spray is annoying for lizards. You will immediately get rid of lizards from your home with this method.

4.Cold Water Trap – Did you that lizards are very sensitive towards temperature? Lizards freeze when there is a sudden change in their body temperature. Therefore, if you splash ice cold water on lizards, they get immobilized. The sudden drop in temperature in the lizard’s body does not let them move. You can trap the lizard in a box and throw it outside your house. This method is a tricky way of getting rid of lizards. You may not like lizards but hurting them is not the only way of getting rid of them.

5.Garlic & onion – There is no proof of garlic helping in scaring away vampires. But garlic does help in scaring away lizards. The smell of both garlic and onion is irritating and unbearable for lizards. Therefore, you can hang them on the wall or near the doors and windows. You can use these naturally available remedies for getting rid of lizards from home instead of killing them or hurting them using toxic chemicals.

Story first published: Sunday, February 16, 2014, 11:03 [IST]
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