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Top 10 Uses Of Baby Powder For Home

By Pooja Kaushal

So many products lie around the house with each one having a purpose of its own. But have you ever tried using any product for a different use? For example, baby powder for cleaning? Sounds strange, but it is true. And this is only one of the many uses of this very pleasant smelling product. You will be amazed to know about the multiple uses this baby product can be put to.

Putting one product to a use other than what it is meant for is an absolutely innovative way of working. Sometimes, these innovations happen by accident, while sometimes it is the courage to experiment that gives us these outstanding results. In either case, we get to explore our surroundings and get new experiences in life. It also goes on to tell us that there is no end to learning and gaining knowledge.

Here are some multiple uses of baby powder that can help you save up on money in many ways:

Baby powder for a better home


Pet shampoo

Your pet is like a baby for you and you do care for it a lot. You can pamper it little more and give a dry shampoo bath. Take some baby powder on your palms and rub through the fur of your pet. Follow it up with a good brush and there you have a fragrant and clean pet.



On a hot summer night who would not like to have a cool bed. No, you need not put ice cubes under your sheet. The answer lies in baby powder. Sprinkle some powder on the sheet which will absorb all sweat and give you a cooling effect.


Fragrant footwear

The foul smell of shoes is too torturous for anyone. How do you tackle this tough problem? Sprinkle baby powder in the shoes and leave them to absorb the sweat and the smell. You will soon have a fragrant pair of shoes.


Sand shaker

A day at the beach is fun but it is not fun if the sand sticks to your feet. Be patient and sprinkle baby powder over the sand covered feet. Baby powder for cleaning sand is excellent as you will soon notice. The excess moisture is absorbed and the sand can be brushed off with ease.


Grease grabber

Grease on clothes poses a tough problem. Make this a bit easy by sprinkling baby powder on the stain. Using a puff, rub it well and dust off the excess powder. Continue doing this till you have erased the mark.


Blooming books

Books too tend to absorb moisture and develop mildew. They start giving a very musty smell and can be headed towards disaster. Refresh them using baby powder. As one of the many uses of baby powder, sprinkle it on mildewed books and allow the powder to absorb the moisture. After a couple of hours, gently dust off the powder.


Squeak-free floors

If you have squeaking wooden floor, try feeding it baby powder. A little bit of the powder in the joints will stop the squeaking sound and give your room the much desired calm and quiet atmosphere.


Glove freshener

Having problems with sticky gloves? Either they stick to themselves or they stick to your hands. Dusting with baby powder helps reverse this stickiness. Powder inside the glove makes it easy to slip on and off while making your hands soft, baby-like.


Ant eliminator

A trail of ant means something in your house is under attack. One of the uses of baby powder is to fight these ants. Sprinkle the powder around this ant trail and in no time, ants will disappear.


Plant protector

In a fair sized bag, put 2-3 spoons of baby powder and around six fairly sized bulbs you wish to plant. Give them a gentle shake to have them evenly covered in powder. They will be protected against rotting and will also keep away moles, grubs and other bulb eating creatures.

Story first published: Tuesday, August 12, 2014, 19:10 [IST]
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