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Tips To Clean Mesh Window


Your house is your paradise and it is obvious that you may put in every single piece of effort to make it look beautiful. Windows and window screens add beauty to the homes. However, do you think the beauty will last if it is accumulated with dust and dirt?

An unclean home can turn out a wrong place to live in. window screens are not just the ones that allow in fresh air into your house, they are also the ones that also save you from insect annoyance. Now, don’t you think you should give your house mesh window a little care?

You might be wondering how to clean the mesh window in your house and you might be getting umpteen numbers of doubts regarding it. We are here to make it simple!

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We bring to you some simple tips that are going to help you in mesh window cleaning. If you can read it and make the best out of the tips we present here, then we assure you, your windows are going to shine. That thin mesh that allows the playful breeze to enter your home can turn into a pleasure very soon. Take a look on how you can make your house look even brighter.

Don’t hesitate

First thing you need to do when you plan to clean your window mesh is to remove it. True, there may be some technical difficulties while trying to remove it. However, for a clean window mesh you certainly have to do it. Also, after removing them take care not to apply too much pressure while cleaning it. Some window meshes are easy to remove, while others are not. If you are not able to do it by yourself, get a help.

What is about washing?

Once you have finished removing the window mesh, take them to an isolated area where getting wet is not a big deal. Once you take the window mesh to that area, the next immediate step is cleaning. when it comes to cleaning solution, it is completely your choice. The best way is to use a simple combination of soap and water. It is also advisable to use some mild soap solution so that the mesh doesn’t get affected by the harsh chemicals in the washing solution. For easy application of the cleaning solution, you may spray the cleaning solution onto the window mesh.

Single wash is usually enough to make your mesh window clean. However, in case of severe dirt you may have to repeat the procedure twice or thrice. You can also use gentle scrub to remove the dirt.

Dry it up

Once you have finished washing your window mesh, next thing you need to do is drying it. It is essential that you allow them to dry for a minimum of one hour before you fix them back. Initially you can take each screen and shake it. This will remove excess water on the screen. Lay the screens flat and allow them to dry.

Before you replace

Before you replace the window mesh there is something you should do. Wipe off the dirt in the window panes and see it is completely clean. Use tooth brush to remove dirt in the gaps. Once you replace the window mesh, you can paint the holes with a clear nail polish. This will avoid insects getting inside.

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