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Tips To Clean Your Office Bag

By Vinutha S

Are you a health conscious person? Do you maintain hygiene in your daily routine? Then you must keep the things around you clean and tidy. This also includes your office bag. Research says that your office desk is 400 times dirtier than the toilet seat. Did you ever know about this?

Since you shift your stuffs from your bag to the desk on a daily basis, your office bag also contains equal amount of dirt particles. You may not be affected by the germs and bacteria immediately but you will fall sick slowly. It will also make you weak which directly affect your work. It is important to stay fit in order to earn well. Nothing is prior to your health. So, it is always advisable to clean your office bag often to avoid being sick and unhealthy.

Tips to clean your office bag

You have to use warm water, clean cloth and some detergent to clean the office bag. You need to make sure to know about the material and the necessary warning about the bags. Office bags come in variety of materials, each of which has different methods of cleaning. Make sure to follow the instructions provided on the bag before cleaning it. If in case you do not follow the set instructions and clean it as you wish, you might end up losing your bag. Regardless of any material, you need to be assured of using warm water in order to avoid affecting the leather. Hot water might spoil the material and the bag might not be useful any more.

The first step to clean your office bag is to completely empty the contents in it. You need to remove every tiny thing from the bag. Thoroughly double check each and every chamber. You have to overturn the bag and dust it well so that any minute particle sticking in the corners will drop out. Try to use small vacuum cleaner to clean the inner parts such as zip up pockets.

Once done with the interior, you can turn over again to clean up the exteriors. If your office bag is made of fabric you can dry clean it or use warm water. When you choose to use warm water, make a solution with mild detergent and clean the bag with a piece of cloth. For leather bags it is advisable to opt for leather cleaner.

This way your bag is cleaned and the leather is also not spoiled. Once done with cleaning with water and detergent, you must dry the bag. Wet bags stink and we are sure you would not want to carry a stinky bag along. Once dried, you can use any mild perfume if you are not satisfied with the detergent smell.

It is advisable to repeat this cleaning process once in a week to avoid accumulation of more dust particles. It is always better to have couple of office bags. This way you may not have to depend on one bag. Stay hygienic! Stay healthy!

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