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8 Ways To Use Tamarind For Cleaning


All South-Indian homes have plenty of tamarind in their kitchens. This is because tamarind is widely used for cooking in India. We add tamarind water in sambars, rasam and even in other dishes like tamarind rice. Apart from that, tamarind is a useful cleaning agent too. In fact, tamarind was used even before dish washing liquids were discovered.

Tamarind is sour and that is why it makes a great cleaning agent like vinegar and lemon. When you add salt to tamarind, the quality of cleaning becomes improves. Moreover, when it comes to cleaning, tamarind has an added advantage. Tamarind has a thick and hard crust unlike lemon or vinegar. This crust of tamarind can be used to scrub off oily surface from utensils with ease.

Tamarind is mainly used for cleaning metals. In fact, the best way for cleaning silver, brass and other metals is by using this citrus fruit. If you don't want the pieces of tamarind to be scattered here and there, you can always use tamarind pulp for cleaning. Also, you can soak your grubby copper vessels in tamarind water to soften the accumulated dirt on them.

Here are 8 different ways to use tamarind for cleaning your home.


Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink can be scrubbed effectively with a piece of tamarind and some salt. It cleans away all the water stains from the sink.


Cleaning Silver

Silver becomes black if it is exposed to moisture or air. Old and darkened silver can be best cleaned with tamarind and salt.


Clean Jewellery

Some intricate pieces of metal jewellery are difficult to clean with soap. You can soak them in tamarind water and then wipe off with a dry cloth piece.


Cleaning Brass

Brass is another metal that can sparkle if you clean it using tamarind. Old brass show-pieces, clocks and even door knobs can be cleaned using tamarind pulp.


Cleaning Copper Vessels

Copper vessels are rare these days but you may have inherited some from your family. Moreover, there are decorative items like copper vases and show pieces that can be shinning clean using tamarind.


Rusty Metal Taps

Tamarind is a great cleaning agent for metals. So if your metal taps get old and rusty, scrub them with a piece of tamarind.


Idols Of Gods & Goddesses

Silver or brass idols of gods and goddesses are commonly found in Hindu houses. These idols can be easily sparkled by cleaning with tamarind.



Kitchen's chimney gather a lot of soot and oil. Such stubborn and greasy dirt can only be cleaned using a citrus cleaning agent like tamarind.

Story first published: Friday, February 1, 2013, 14:22 [IST]