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Wire Hangers For Home Improvement

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Wire Hangers
You must be wondering that can there be any other use of wire hangers apart from hanging clothes? Actually, there are many more. So, think twice before discarding old wire hangers. They can be of multiple uses. Wire hangers are the best to use as they are both tough and durable. Unlike the olden days when people were stuck to choices like wood only, we have many more options like metal and plastic these days. Let us see these home improvement ideas using wire hangers.

Unclog Blocked Pipes- A metal wire clothes hanger is very useful in unclogging a blocked pipe. Just straighten the metal wire clothes hanger and use it to dislodge hair balls or junk from the pipe holes. It is as effective as a plumber's tool for cleaning the passage way of the pipes. Push in the open and straightened side of the hanger through the holes and then open the water tap. The water will now flush away the remaining dirt in the pipe holes.

Kitchen Or Toilet Paper Hanger- One of the best home improvement ideas is to use wire hangers for hanging kitchen or toilet papers. Is it is difficult for you to keep kitchen or towel tissues in place? Just hammer a nail on the wall of your kitchen or bathroom and hang the wire hanger in it. Now put the paper tissues on it. This will act as an excellent idea both for saving money and time.

Roast- Going for a camp-fire? Carry some metal hangers with you if you want roasted marshmallows or sausages to satisfy your appetite even in the midst of the woods. Forget the barbecue stakes and use a straightened metal hanger for roasting the food.

Hang Cards- Another one of the home improvement ideas using metal hangers are to use them for hanging cards, if there are some very special cards that you want to display then just hang them on a metal hanger.

Support Plants- Use wire hangers to support climbers or other weak plants in the flower pot. Use a wire cutter to cut the hanger and then the place pieces of wire as a support in the flower pot. Both purposes are served. You have made use of an old article in the house along with helping your plant to grow well by arranging support for it. This makes it one of the most creative ideas for using a metal hanger.

Use these home improvement ideas for a better home and living.

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