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Smart Uses Of Waste Paper

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We all have seen the rising awareness of saving trees and the environment. Even using paper has been reduced. That is why tablets and mobile phones are widely used to save papers to a certain extent. But print media uses paper. Be it newspaper, annual report or magazines, you keep collecting them everyday and then think of ways to use them. Instead of burning the paper or selling them, you can use it in your house. Lets find out some amazing uses of waste newspaper in home for cleaning and decorations.

Amazing and smart ways to use waste paper in home:

Smart Uses Of Waste Paper

Cleaning glass: This is one of the most common uses of a waste paper. Glass utensils and frames can be best cleaned with a paper. Use newspaper to clean your stained glass. Soak a paper in water and wipe the glass. Follow up with a dry one to get a stainless and see through glass. You can clean any glass showpiece, utensils, frames and windows with the waste newspaper.

Rack covers: Want to cover the base of the wardrobe and cabinet racks? Use waste papers as a base to protect the racks from stains and damage. Cover the book, shoe rack, wardrobe and cabinet racks with newspapers before arranging the clothes, shoes and kitchen boxes. It will not damage the rack and also keep it clean.

Fast drying: Going to office in a hurry and your shoes got wet with water? Wipe of the water with a paper. The soaking capacity of paper is well known. If you have dropped coffee or tea on your wooden desk, just wipe off with a waste paper. It is an emergency solution for drying up shoes, tables and utensils.

Decorating home: Instead of throwing or selling the waste paper, use them with little creativity to decorate your house. There are numerous cheap ways to decorate your house using waste papers. It is a cheap and eco-friendly idea to change the look of your house. You can make flowers, colour them and even make paper lamps.

Make toys: Kids always love to play with new toys. Why not use waste papers to make airplanes, boat, animals and birds? Use your creative skills and make your kid play with them. You can even decorate your kids room with them.

Wipe off extra makeup: Applied extra dark lipstick? Just press a paper on the lips and make a pout. Your lipstick has been lightened!

Keeps vegetables fresh: Wrap green leafy vegetables with paper to keep them fresh for longer. You can also wrap bread and store it to keep it fresh for longer.

Clean iron pots: This is one amazing cleaning use of waste paper. Prevent your iron pots and utensils from getting rusted by cleaning them with paper. It absorbs moisture so use them after washing the utensils.

Know viability of the seeds: Want to be sure if the seeds will germinate or not? Cover the seeds with wet paper towels or waste paper. Leave for two weeks and check. If the seeds sprout, you can use them for planting.

These are few amazing and smart uses of waste paper. Have you tried them?

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 20, 2012, 13:43 [IST]
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