5 Uses Of A Chalk

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A chalk has many more uses other than just being used for writing on the blackboard. Do you know that it can be used for varied purposes including decoration, cleaning etc. As a child everyone has a fantasy to use chalk and act like a teacher. But, you start thinking about the using the same thing in a different way after you grow up. Let us see how we can use a chalk in different and creative ways to make our home a better place to live in.

Decorate- You can use a chalk to create beautiful patterns on the floor of your house. A chalk is available in various colours like light pink, blue, yellow and many more. It is not necessarily of the conventional white colour all the time. Use all these colours to create a design and decorate your house on festivals and occasions. Decorating with a chalk is very convenient as the marks are not permanent and can be easily removed.

Cover Up- As is decorating with chalk easy, so is covering up! If you have developed any kind of marks on your white walls or white shoes, then a chalk is the easiest thing to cover it up. A chalk has many uses as such. Use a chalk to rub it on the wall and you will see all marks being covered up flawlessly in a jiffy. Also, if you find dirty spots on your white canvas shoe just before going out, then dab some chalk into the area and find those marks disappear.

Mark- Want to mark the floor or the walls of your house just before shifting a furniture? Use a chalk then. Outline the area where you want to shift the furniture in the room. This is an excellent way to get a rough idea of the necessary space management before shifting the furniture. The markings are clear and easy to see. Rub them off once you are done with the job.

Cleans Stains- Did you ever know that among the various uses of a chalk, one is that, it a splendid cleaning item. Use a chalk to rub on the greasy or stained part of a cloth. Let it settle for 10-15 minutes. Now rub off the extra chalk dust and wash as usual. You will find all stains disappear from the piece of cloth after the wash.

Absorbs Moisture- A chalk is usually made of limestone, and a limestone has many uses. One of them being its quality to absorb moisture. Keep a bunch of chalks in your silver ware or iron implements to prevent them from losing their lustre. As they will absorb all moisture, so there is almost no chance of their getting corroded. You may also keep a handful of chalk in your closet to prevent mustiness.

Use all these ideas and make your living all the more simpler.

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