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Tips To Clean Leather Belts

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Clean Leather Belts
Belts not only stick the pant on the waist but also looks stylish. Fashionable belts can make you look perfect and ripped or torn belts which look dull can spoil the outfit completely. If you want to clean and maintain your belts for a longer use, check out these simple tips!

Tips to clean and maintain leather belts:

1. Most of the belts are made with leather. This fabric requires maintenance.

2. Check the fittings before buying. The leather belt should not be too long which wraps around your waist. This creates folds and creases which might look ugly.

3. Avoid folding your leather belts. This helps maintain them for long mainly because folds can gradually tear the fabric.

4. Clean your leather belt with dry cloth piece. This prevents the chances of absorbing moisture. In rainy and winter seasons, wrap them in cotton cloth piece after cleaning.

5. Avoid using water for cleaning them. Use a cotton cloth piece. You can add few drops of soapy solution and gently rub. Dry immediately.

6. Clean the leather belt with leather conditioner. This protects it from bacteria and last for longer use!

7. If you don't have leather conditioner, use olive oil to remove stains from belt, clean and maintain them.

8. If you want to fold the belt, gently roll the belt and avoid squeezing it. However, it is best to hang the belt rather than folding and creating folds.

Try these tips to clean and maintain belts at home and use them long.

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Story first published: Friday, February 17, 2012, 15:23 [IST]
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