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Surprising Uses Of Potatoes In Cleaning

We can hardly have a meal without using potatoes. Be it a curry, bread, snack or fried foods, we use potatoes in almost everything. Potatoes are a rich source of proteins, carbohydrates, potassium, thiamine, folate, magnesium, vitamins B6, C etc. Did you know the potatoes can also have some other uses apart from this? Think ahead of cooking and try to use potatoes for cleaning.

Here are few surprising uses of potatoes and their association with cleaning.

5 Surprising Uses of Potatoes:

Removes rust: Iron showpieces or knife are prone to getting rust. Rust forms when the metal absorbs moisture or is washed in water. Rust can spoil the iron piece completely so use potatoes to clean the metal showpieces at home. Potatoes contain oxalic acid that dissolves rust. Cut the potato (lengthwise or crosswise) with a knife and rub on the rust. The potato juice cuts rust and cleans the iron. You can also dip the potato piece in soapy solution or sprinkle baking soda to remove stubborn rust from iron items like pans, knife, showpieces, grills etc.

Clean glass: Glass gets dirty very easily. You might have tried wet newspaper, cloth piece, soapy solution etc to clean glass but nothing works wonder. Now try this inexpensive and simple way to clean a glass. If you have glass windows and want to clean them at one go, rub a raw potato slice. Follow up with a clean cloth piece.

Picks up broken glass pieces: When a glass breaks, it shatter into pieces. It becomes really difficult to pick up these small pieces from the floor or carpet. You might hurt yourself during this exercise even after wearing gloves. If you try to vacuum, the blade can't reach nook and corner. So, just cut a potato lengthwise and then rub on the place where glass waws broken. The glass will get embedded in the potato and you can take them out easily.

Flower holder: Want the flowers inside your vase to stand straight without using flower foam? Then just poke some small holes in raw potatoes using a skewer or knife. Fix the flower stems and keep inside the flower vase. Your flower stems will stand is a beautiful posture.

Cleans silverware: Tarnish can damage your expensive silver items at home. You can wash them with toothpaste or lemon and baking soda. However, rubbing a raw potato can clean the tarnish and bring back the shine in silver items. You can also use the water used for boiling potatoes. Soak the silverware in the water used for boiling potatoes for about 20 minutes and see the tarnish dissolve.

These are the few surprising uses of potatoes that can help in cleaning. Potatoes are inexpensive and these ideas can help you have a better and clean home.

Story first published: Tuesday, October 16, 2012, 16:29 [IST]
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