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7 Steps To Fight Dust In Your Home

Dust is by far the most annoying things for a housekeeper. Dust at home is not easy to clean. It is much easier to keep it out of your house so that you can do some speed cleaning. What is relevant, are the places you have to clean, not how much time you spend cleaning them.

Here, are some cleaning tips that will help you keep your home dust free.

Steps To Keep Dust Out of Home:

1. Gather Dust, Don't Spread It: When you use dusters to spank or blow dust from your furniture, you are actually merely redistributing dust. Any kind of agitation makes dust fly from one place and settle on another. It is much better for you to make a clean swipe with cloth dusters. That way, you will be collecting the dust instead of spreading it.

2. Keep The Shutters Shut: You cannot keep the doors and windows shut all the time just to avoid dust. But you can definitely keep the shutters down when you don't need need them. The lesser dust enters you house, the faster your speed cleaning will be.

3. Clean Horizontal Surfaces: You need to apply some common sense to know that it is easier for dust to settle on horizontal surfaces. The table tops, cabinets and bed sheets in your home accumulate dust. Always clean solid surfaces with a single swipe. The mattresses and couches will have to be cleaned by beating them outside your house.

4. Dirty Dreams On A Dusty Bed: You will be shocked by the amount of dust that is hidden inside the bed you sleep in. You need to change sheets weekly or bi-weekly depending upon the amount of dust in your area. Otherwise, it helps to dust the sheets and cushions on a regular basis to get rid of dust. Your bed and sofas are two definite places to clean as far as dust is concerned.

5. Wet Wipes For Glass: Dust is very distinctly visible on glass and it is very difficult get rid off. So use wt wipes to keep the glass tops in your home dust free. Dampen dusters with water, and then wipe all the glass surfaces with it. Make sure you dry it with another fresh cloth. Wet surfaces attract more dust that dry ones.

6. Wrap Up: Be it your dainty trinkets or your special occasion clothes, you need to wrap them up. If you keep laundered clothes wrapped in paper or a clean cloth, they stay dust-free. Also, keeping tiny pieces of jewellery in bags or bowls, keeps them cleaner.

7. Beat The Bulk: Bulky things like your blankets or mattresses cannot be washed every day. Neither can you send them to the dry cleaners every month. The best way to do some speed cleaning, in that case, is taking them out of the house. Beat them with a bat outside your house to make the dust fly off.

These home improvement tips will help you fight dust off your home.

Story first published: Monday, April 2, 2012, 14:59 [IST]
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