Cleaning Tips For New Parents

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Becoming a parent is one of the most wonderful and cherished stages of a couple's life. When you enter this bright new chapter of married life, you feel great and active. However, apart from giving full attention to the baby, you have to also check out your home. When the baby is small, he/she will not create any problem. Once the baby starts crawling, toddling and walking, they start throwing things out from the shelf, play with food that you give them, throw toys all around the house, urinate on the carpet or sofa etc. This makes it difficult for the parent to clean the house every now and then. You cannot even leave the house unclean. So, new parents need to maintain the house and try their best to keep it clean and hygienic.

If you are a new parent and want to know a few cleaning tips, here is a full guide for you. Check out...

Cleaning Tips For New Parents

Cleaning tips for new parents:

Wipe off urine immediately: Babies always urinate on the floor or on the sofa. You can get urine odour from a house that has a small baby. Moms cannot make the small child wear diapers whole day long. Sometimes, you should let the sensitive skin of the baby breathe to prevent skin rashes. If the baby is without a nappy pant, make sure he/she doesn't sit or lie on the sofa or bed. It is easy to wipe the floor but difficult to get rid of urine odour from the sofa, bed and carpet. Spread a plastic mat beneath the bed sheet to protect the mattress.

Wash baby clothes in hot water: This is one important cleaning tip that every parent should know. Potty, urine, food and dirt stains can be best removed by washing baby clothes in hot water. Do not forget to add few drops of lemon juice and antiseptic solution. Always dry the baby clothes in bright sunlight. It kills the germs and also helps get rid of odour.

Mop the floor with phenol or antiseptic solution: When the baby starts crawling, he/she will be on the floor half of the time. So, you have to keep the house clean. Even food particles should be removed. If the baby finds it, he/she will first take it inside the mouth. So, mop the floor from every nook and corner of the house especially living room and bedroom. Antiseptic solution is better than phenol as the strong smell of phenol can be harmful for the baby.

Clean the baby bottles and nipples: It is another important cleaning tip for new parents. Baby bottles should be washed regularly. You should not only wash milk bottles but also the water bottle. Nipples get dirty very easily. So, always wash them in warm or hot water.

Remove bed sheet once a week: Urine and milk smell can come from the bed sheet. So, it is best to change the bed sheet and pillow covers weekly. This cleaning tip helps new parents maintain the baby's hygiene.

These are a few cleaning tips that new parents should follow. Do you have more tips to add to the list? Share with us.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 5, 2012, 12:39 [IST]
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