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Easy Tips To Wash & Maintain Socks

Socks are basic essentials of a wardrobe and washing them is really easy. The only problem with socks is the elasticity. Often the socks lose their elasticity, get snags or holes, after few washes and you can't keep buying new pair of socks every other week. By following proper washing techniques, you can easily maintain your socks. Here are few tips to wash and maintain socks for a longer use.

Tips to wash and maintain socks:

1. Always wash the socks together. You can use a small bag or socks clips to keep them together while washing.

2. It is best to wash socks in warm or cold water. Read the label before washing as warm water can also spoil its stretch.

3. To maintain the elasticity of socks, prefer gentle wash. You can soak the socks in water and detergent for 10 minutes or go for machine wash.

4. Use mild detergent to soak the socks. This makes it easy to wash them and get rid of stains.

5. Avoid using brush to clean the socks. This spoils the stretch of the fabric and makes it lose. Brushes can also spoil the quality of the fabric.

6. Use your hands to gently wash the socks and maintain the fabric. To remove stains use some clothing bar or soap and rub the stains.

7. Never bleach the socks. To get rid of odour, you can use fabric softener or else add few drops of white vinegar in the final wash to maintain the quality of the fabric and keep them soft.

8. Add baking soda or ammonia in water and rinse the socks. This kills the bacteria and removes dirt stains easily.

9. Avoid dryer and let the socks air dry. Dryer can only ruin the elastic. Don't iron the socks. Fold them and keep in the wardrobe.

10. Wash the socks after every use to keep it hygienic and clean.

Try these tips to wash and maintain socks for a longer use!

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 29, 2011, 11:03 [IST]