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Garage Organizing – Easier Done Than Thought!

By Nandhini Devi

While building our dream house, we plan very carefully and set apart a designated room or space for every purpose. One such area that we cannot do without is the garage. This place is mainly used to park our vehicle / vehicles. However, very sadly it ends up as a place to dump things that are not working or other things that have lesser use in the house. Gardening tools, kids' broken bikes, etc. are some of the few of the many odd things that find a place in the garage. Garage organizing is something that everyone can learn to improve their housekeeping capabilities.

This does not mean that you have to chuck out, donate or sell any of the stuff that has got accumulated over time in your garage. Organizing your garage helps you find a place for many important things that cannot be included the house. This helps you reach out more easily for things that you may need. Follow the below garage organizing ideas to make the most out of the available space.

8 Garage Organizing Ideas -

1.Have a look at all that has been dumped in the garage. Categorize the items according to their purpose. Really useless items have to find their way to the trash. Other items that are not of much use to you can be given away (sold or donated). Once you are set with the things that are most essential you can go about planning about where they can be kept.

2.Start by cleaning the garage. Dust away the cobwebs, scrub the oil and grease. If you wish to repaint, you can do so. Once this is done, you'll realize how much of space you actually have!

3.A garage has the advantage of more wall space. So, installing shelves is a great way to accommodate odd things like tools, empty storage cans, paint cans or even flower pots. By fixing sturdy hooks on the ceiling, you'll find a place to hang bicycles, ladders etc.

4.Smaller hooks too come in handy while storing tools that have long ends. Covers, raincoats etc. also can be hung on this hooks.

5.Shelves that hang from the ceiling are great places to store items that are not too safe for children or pets. Here you can store pesticides, sprays or other such toxic items.

6.Sorting out your garage actually makes it more spacious. So, if you have a carpenter or a handyman inside you, furnish the extra space with a workbench that will help you work at ease. A clean garage can also be used to do craft-work or projects for your child.

7.Gardening tools find the best storage places in the garage. That includes lengthy water hoses, spades, rakes, shovels etc. If you have enough space, you can start nurseries or store seedlings that cannot be kept out immediately in the open.

8.If you are a nature or sports lover, you'll tend to have a lot of sports or hiking gear. Helmets, skis, bats, balls, surfing boards – all this and more can be stored in the garage.

The entire process of organizing may take some considerable time. However, the time spent in this is worth every bit. These garage organizing ideas can help you fix one great problem in everyone's house – shortage of space. Once you are done with the complete organizing, all you have to do is maintain. This can be done once in a couple of months.

So, follow these home-improvement tips and dedicate this weekend to create an extra space in your house!

Story first published: Friday, June 10, 2011, 12:45 [IST]
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