How To Wash & Maintain Coloured Clothes?

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Coloured Clothes
It is extremely boring to wear whites, blacks and greys just because the bright coloured clothes do not look bright enough after wash. Dyed cotton fabrics in blue, red and green look awful after a few washes and make you repent for shelling out money on them. Not only they fade away but also spoil other fabrics washed along with them. Today, we will tell you some important tips to wash and keep colours of fabric from fading. Take a look.

Maintaining Coloured Clothes – Easy Fabric Care
1. Never mix whites or any light coloured fabric with dyed fabric as they tend to lose colour and stain other clothes too. When you plan to wash cotton dyed fabric for the first time soak it in water + 1 tsp rock salt + pinch of soda. This will prevent the colour to a extent.

2. Avoid soaking coloured clothes for a long time as they lose colour and get the old look in just a wash. Do not use brush on the fabrics. Hand wash with cold water and dry these clothes in shade.

3. If you are planning to wash dyed clothes in machine, club all the dark browns, maroons and blacks as the mutual fading will stain the fabrics and maintain dark always.

4. Whenever you plan to wash these clothes, wash them inside out. This will keep colours from fading as the sun can easily absorb dyes with water.

5. Never squeeze the washed clothes too much as the dyes that are mixed with water may drain making the dress looks old and dull.

6. For the already faded fabrics, there are good makeover tips
a. Faded fabric can be block printed with a combination colour. Red and black, blue and white, etc. This will shift the focus on fabric towards the design.
b. Using sequines, lace on the fabric can also help.
c. You can get the faded dress for redye. There are many dry cleaners who will do that and make your coloured clothes look new.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 10, 2011, 15:49 [IST]
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