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Tips To Care For & Maintain High Heels

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Maintain High Heels
Women love wearing high heels as it makes them feel attractive, feminine and more importantly, thin! High heels boosts up the legs, thighs and buttocks and goes well with different outfits. However, wearing high heels is not easy and maintaining them is a tough job. Leather high heels are loved by women but maintaining them is very important as leather is a sensitive material made from animals skin. If you want to maintain your stylish high heels then take a look at the shoe care tips.

Tips to maintain and care for high heels:

1. Always remove dirt from the high heels before cleaning them. This maintains the shoe and protects the material from losing its quality.

2. Leather shoes should be polished and cleaned after every use. If you don't wear them on a regular basis, make it a routine to polish them once in a week. Polish is a natural conditioner to maintain leather shoes and covers stains and marks. Polishing leather shoes also retains natural oils therefore increasing its lasting power.

3. After every use, don't forget to clean the heels and its ends. This prevents the stains from sticking to the heels. To remove mud stains from the heels, clean them with a wet sponge and wipe off with a cotton cloth.

4. You can clean leather shoes with vinegar. Add few drops of vinegar in a cotton cloth and then clean the high heels.

5. Never drive wearing high heels. As they are sensitive, chances of losing the shape is more higher. Avoid exerting much pressure on high heels if you want to maintain them for longer use.

6. High heels are not like flat slippers or sandals. It requires much care while walking. One of the best ways to care for high heels is by walking less. Never wear high heels and walk on bad roads.

7. Never use water to wash or clean high heels. It is best to use a cotton cloth to remove dirt and stains from shoes.

8. High heels with studded stones should be kept inside a shoe cover. As stones lose their shine due to dust, always clean them after use and keep inside a shoe cover.

Follow these tips to care for and maintain high heels.

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Story first published: Friday, November 11, 2011, 15:28 [IST]
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