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Kitchen Tips For A Clean Household

Having a beautiful home is one of the best aspects in a family. A beautiful, clean home is a good environment to grow and live a healthy life.

Each indiviual should take the responsibilty to do a little part in keeping their home clean and tidy.

The kitchen is suppose to be clean and sparkling all the time for it is the place to make yourself a delicious meal. Here below are some of the ways to make your kitchen look spotless.

1.Microwaves- Fill a microwave bowl with two cups of water along with a teaspoon of lemon in it. Run the microwave for about 5 minutes and when done, wipe the interior of the microwave using a clean paper towel. This will make your microwave smell good too.

2.Sink- To remove grease from the sink, hot water has to be flushed down several times. You have to then pour down a cup of white vinegar and wash the basin with some baking soda. This will make the sink to sparkle leaving behind a clean kitchen

3.Fridge- With the help of baking soda and warm water, clean the interior of the fridge. You have to then clean the pan and vaccum under the refridgerator.

4.Kitchen Cabinets- Using liquid oil soap and white vinegar, wipe the kitchen cabinets clean. Dip a soft cloth in warm water to remove the excess of soap water.

5.Kitchen Floors- To remove any kind of sticky substance from the floor, apply some bleach over the area and then scrub it with the help of a tooth brush.A cup of vinegar and warm water can be used to make your kitchen floors to sparkle clean.

These kitchen tips will be helpful for you as it will keep away germs and result in a healthy lifestyle.

Story first published: Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 12:06 [IST]