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Best Medicinal Plants To Grow At Home

By Archana Mukherji

One of the most interesting topics that I would like to write about is on the best medicinal plants that can be grown at home. With my own experiences at home, I would like to share the benefits of a few medicinal plants that can be easily grown at home.

These medicinal plants are used a lot in ayurvedic and siddha medicines today. They are harmless and do not have any side effects. They are safe to consume and inexpensive to be grown at home.

These plants have been used widely by our grandmother to treat simple ailments. It is important to note that though you can use these plants for simple home remedies, it is important that you consult your doctor or physician if your ailment persists or gets worse.

Let us now see about a few medicinal plants that you might want to grow at home. Do grow these medicinal plants at home to benefit from their miraculous properties!



Tulsi is considered as a holy plant by the Hindus. Hence, it is also known as the Holy Basil. It is valued as the queen of herbs due to its plenty healing properties. Tulsi can be consumed as is in its raw form or can be consumed in the form of herbal tea.

There are four varieties of Tulsi, called Rama Tulsi, Vana Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi and Karpoor Tulsi. Karpoor Tulsi is mostly used for external purposes. The oil from Karpoor tulsi is used for ear infections as ear drops. This oil is also used in herbal toiletry. Tulsi has very strong germicidal, fungicidal, antibacterial and antibiotic properties that are good for curing fever, common cold and respiratory diseases as well.

The Rama Tulsi leaves serve as an effective remedy for acute respiratory syndrome. Juice of its leaves gives relief from cold, fever, bronchitis and cough. Tulsi is also very effective in curing malaria. It is very effective against indigestion, headache, hysteria, insomnia and cholera. Fresh leaves of Tulsi are consumed by millions of people every day.



Fenugreek is usually called Methi in India. Both the seeds and leaves of fenugreek are highly nutritious and healthy. It is considered as a great body coolant. These can be easily grown in pots in any environmental conditions. Many people consume this for body building and weight gain.

Fenugreek has the capacity to overcome liver cancer. It aids in digestion. It can be consumed by new mothers to enhance lactation. It is also very helpful during painful menstruation and labour pains. Fenugreek can treat inflammation and ulcers of the stomach and that of the intestines, and can also lower blood cholesterol levels. It is also a great remedy to freshen bad breath. No wonder, this is an essential medicinal plant to be grown at home.


Lemon Grass:

Lemon grass is another medicinal plant that can be easily grown at home. You can grow this in a small pot too. Reports have proven that lemon grass has innumerable therapeutic and other health benefits. This goes great in tea, salads, soups and almost all cuisines with an excellent flavour of lemon.

Lemon grass is very beneficial for nervous and stress-related conditions. The anti-pyretic property in it can help to reduce high fever. It is also helpful in certain respiratory conditions and sore throat infections. It can be used for all types of pain including abdominal pain, headaches, joint pains, muscle pains, digestive tract spasms, muscle cramps and stomach ache.



Basil is again a great medicinal plant that easily grows at home in pots. This is extensively used by many people in their cooking, especially in the Thai cuisines. Basil is also a great ingredient for salads, soups and other recipes. This is different from Tulsi and is also called Sweet Basil. It has a great flavour and the power to treat stomach gas and flatulence. If you are suffering from lack of appetite, Basil comes to your rescue. Basil can also heal cuts.


Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is a wonder plant. It grows anywhere very easily. It needs good sunlight to grow. It is a must to grow this plant at home. Keeping this plant at home can help you to get rid of mosquitoes. Aloe vera can be used for external application as well as can be consumed internally. It is a great hydrating agent.

Aloe vera is rich in antioxidants, which are natural immune boosters that help combat the free radicals in the body. If you have a weak immune system, you can drink aloe vera juice daily and your immune system will boost up with ease. It can heal and also reduce the risk of infections due to cuts, wounds and burns. It can easily reduce inflammation. It is great for your skin and hair. By drinking aloe vera juice, you can get rid of digestive problems, poor appetite, chronic constipation and ulcerative colitis.



Peppermint is considered as one of the world's oldest medicines and it easily grows even in small pots in all environmental conditions. Peppermint is naturally high in manganese, vitamin A and vitamin C. The crushed leaves of peppermint can be used externally to soothe and relax the muscles. It is a wonderful mouth freshener. It has the capacity to treat flatulence, upset stomach, fevers, spastic colon, and irritable bowel syndrome. It also inhibits bacterial growth.


Gotu Kola Or Bramhi:

Another easily growing plant at home is Gotu Kola or Bramhi. This is an excellent plant for brain development and memory. This small medicinal plant can create wonders by treating ulcers, skin injuries and decreasing capillary fragility. If you want to maintain your youthfulness, this is the plant that you should be growing and consuming regularly! These leaves can also be crushed and used to treat open sores. Bramhi revitalizes the brain and nervous system, thereby increasing the attention span and concentration.



Ashwagandha is a very ancient medicine, widely used in Ayurveda and can be grown at home too. It is best known for stress reduction and neural protection. This ancient herb promotes fertility, aids in wound care, and boosts the immune system. It is a very good heart tonic. It helps in maintaining good eye health. It combats stress, thereby also reducing depression and anxiety. This is an excellent herb that can easily lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar.



Neem is a very old medicinal plant, which is being used since ages. It actually grows in the form of a tree; but is a very essential plant to be kept at home. If you do not have space to grow a neem tree, you can also grow it in a pot and keep it small. Neem has excellent antiseptic properties and can be used for external application or internal consumption. Crushed leaves of neem, when consumed internally, act as a wonderful de-worming agent and this remedy is very safe for both kids and adults.


Lemon Balm:

One more interesting and useful medicinal plant that can be grown at home is the lemon balm. The leaves of this plant have a lemon minty scent, hence the name. The crushed leaves of this plant when rubbed on to the skin can help to act as a natural mosquito repellent to treat insect bites, sores and herpes, cold, fever, headache, depression and digestive-problems.

Story first published: Tuesday, June 13, 2017, 17:03 [IST]
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