Soil Setting For Pot Plants: Easy Tips

By: Asha Das
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Planting in pots is attaining great popularity nowadays where people are living in apartments, flats or in houses with minimum space. Pots will help in saving space to grow a plant. It will help keep the care and maintenance of the plant easy. Planting in pots will create a very easily manageable garden space, because the pots can be moved from one place to another according to your convenience. You can place pots in your garden, in your room, on your kitchen window sill area or can hang it on the roof of your balcony.

When making a container garden, the most important section that needs extra care is the preparation of pot. It is the same in case of setting up indoor plants. A good soil setting is very important to get the maximum out of your plants. Good soil setting is also important for the plants to get rooted and grow. If you are planning to set up a pot, here are some tips to make the soil setting for pots easier.

Soil Setting For Pot Plantss: Easy TIps

Quality of soil: Selection of the soil is very important for soil setting in pots. Check whether the soil that you are using in your pot
is good for the plant or not. The soil should be free of any bugs or weeds. Make sure whether the soil will give proper drainage as well.

Use pot soils: Pot soils are available in the market, which is made in such a way that they are aerated, sterile, lightweight, and made of a good balance of organic material and mineral particles like peat, sand, or perlite.

Soil for the plant: Decide the type of soil setting for pots only after considering the type of plant that you are planning to proceed with. The soil should be suitable for the type and size of the plant, including its rooting pattern.

Proper drainage: Before doing soil setting for pots, make sure that your pot has holes in the bottom for assisting good drainage. Using gravel or grit to about a quarter of the pot's depth will help water drain out from the bottom of the soil.

Filling: The most important part of the soil setting for pots is filling. Start to fill the pot with a multi-purpose or soil-based compost after adding the gravel or grit. The filling should be done to approximately three quarters of the pot's depth.

Setting: After planting, fill the gaps between the plants with compost. Leaving some space between the pot's rim and the soil is very important, so that the pot will not overflow when watered. Opt for loose setting or tight setting of the soil based on the type of plant.

Decorate, if needed: It is a good idea to decorate the pots with stones or pebbles. If you are doing soil setting for pots that are used indoors, decorating it will give a more attractive pot setting. You can use any material of your choice, but it should ensure proper drainage.

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