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Christmas Plants To Decorate Your House

Christmas is around the corner. We all have started decorating our homes to welcome Santa. Going red is one of the mantras to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. However, decorating the house and the popular Christmas tree are also a must. Any Christmas celebration is incomplete without some greenery. You can either decorate your green lawn with lights, bulbs, cotton, gifts or go creative by planting some Christmas plants.

There are few Christmas plants and flowers that can help you decorate the house and make it look colourful. Wondering how to grow these plants at this time? Well do not worry. These plant sapling can be easily available in the market. Just buy them and decorate the house today! Here are few Christmas plants and flowers that you can grow this festive season.

Christmas plants to decorate the house:

Christmas cactus: This beautiful and colourful cactus plant is perfect to decorate the house for the festive season. This plant blooms during Christmas and also during Easter if cared for properly. Place the Christmas cactus plant under indirect sunlight and under complete darkness at night. Artificial light can affect the growth of the plant. Water only when required; if the soil becomes moist, only then water the plant.

Rosemary: This is considered as a lucky Christmas flower plant. In many countries, rosemary is widely sold during the Christmas and this plant holds a similar value like the palm tree. According to many people, Baby Jesus' clothes were put to dry on a rosemary bush. Thus, it is believed that the smell of rosemary flowers bring good luck. You can grow this Christmas flower in a container. During the low winter temperatures, the rosemary needs to be kept indoor so shifting a container plant is easy. You can also use this herb as a beauty product.

Mistletoe: This is another Christmas plant that is mostly sold during this season. You can see it as a decor item in many houses. Earlier it was considered as a fertility plant but was never taken as a holy one. Now, it is considered as a romantic plant that young boys use to get kisses from girls. The small white berries can add a touch to the Christmas decorations in your house.

Snowdrops: The small, white, bell-shaped flowers can add a touch to your winter garden. This plant can also blossom after winter. Make sure the soil is moist; water the plant accordingly. For best results, plant the snowdrops in well sheltered spots like under the trees or shrubs. You can also plant them in containers to decorate your house this Christmas.

These are the most popular Christmas plants and flowers that can help you decorate your house. Have you tried planting something other than the popular and holy, Christmas tree?