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Living Alone? 5 Home Decor Ideas To Spruce Up Your Bachelor Pad

A bachelor pad is a home specifically for single men that are designed in a fashion that caters to their needs. The concept of a bachelor pad is prominent in urban areas where people migrate for work. Typically, a bachelor pad is designed with minimalist furnishings to cater to the basic needs of the person occupying the space. The central idea of designing a bachelor pad should be to provide a comforting indoor environment where the resident can unwind the day and relax.

Here are a few design ideas you can use to design a stellar bachelor pad.

Segregate Work and Life

Today with the idea of remote working gaining popularity, the lines between offices and homes are blurring. Also, sometimes people bring work home from the office. In such a case, it is ideal to create a work-from-home desk from where you can work comfortably. You can save space by creating a wall-mounted foldable desk as well. If you are an artist, you can also consider transforming a part of your home into a studio.

Space for Introspection

At times, living alone can build up multiple thoughts that need a vent. Develop a small but fruitful and mindful zone where you can meditate and focus on yourself during the day. Use colors or materials in that space that make you feel peaceful. The idea should be to recover from a stressful day and balance yourself by calming down. Use design as a way to keep things and yourself in control. Have a soothing painting or any artwork that is reassuring.

Compact Kitchen

Plan for a compact kitchen in your bachelor pad so that cooking a meal after a hectic day at work feels convenient. The more compact and organized a kitchen is, the easier it is to find cooking ingredients. You can opt for an open kitchen to give your home a free-flowing look. In the case of an open kitchen, consider having a breakfast counter which is a great substitute for a dining table. Your breakfast counter can also double as a bar in case you wish to have a home party or invite friends over for a comforting dinner.

Passion as a Design Theme

Integrate your hobbies and passion into the design of your bachelor pad. You can be a sports fan, have a fascination for music, be an avid reader, or even be a gamer. Use these hobbies to reflect something meaningful about your personality through the design of your house. Having an accent wall that has posters or stickers or even wallpaper of athletes can resonate with a sporting spirit. One can have a library rack as an accent wall filled with ample books or have a tiny zone with video games and consoles that become stress busters for you. This gives you the freedom to be yourself and live with a certain vibe and energy.

Furniture and Storage Matter the Most

Living by yourself comes with its own set of downsides, one of which is apartment cleanliness and maintenance. You can assign a dedicated day during the week for decluttering and organizing the house. From the design perspective, it is advisable to keep furniture to a minimum or have mobile furniture so that it can be moved around while cleaning. This makes your organizing work convenient and you can change the spatial layout as and when you want. Do not buy groceries or stationery products in excess unless you have adequate storage for them.

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