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How To Use Ottomans In 6 Different Ways To Decorate Your Home

You may not have heard of Ottomans, but they can add oomph to your decor in numerous ways. This functional piece of furniture is extremely versatile and can be placed anywhere in your home. If you are bored of adding a traditional piece of furniture to your home and want to spice it up a bit, then ottomans are perfect for you.
You can use it as a coffee table, storage, footrest, stool, bed bench and whatnot. These are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, colours and patterns from which you can pick the ones suitable for your home. If the task appears to be daunting for you, sit back and relax. We have listed 6 ways in which ottomans can be used to decorate your home. Read on!
If you want it functional, or as an accent piece that highlights the rest of the furniture in the room, you have this great way to bring a mystical regal touch to your décor.

1. Using Ottomans In The Bedroom

Give your dressing or vanity room a luxurious hint by introducing them to Ottomans. You could also use button tufting or upholster it in shiny metallic tints to add a bold dimension to it.

2. Adding Poufs To It

Poufs are soft and fluffy varieties that add a dash of colour and fun. You could consider a spectrum of designs ranging from knitted circular poufs to Moroccan vintage touches that suit the area. A number of colourful poufs or a single large pouf can be chosen as an alternate seating arrangement in the living room or bedroom for guests and family.

3. Placing It As Bed Bench

An ottoman placed right at the foot of a bed can extend your comfort and change the way everything looks in the bedroom. A shade matching your bed linen for your upholstered ottoman is something that is worth several glances. You could also pile up your pillows on these if you cannot find a place for them immediately.

4. Replacing Your Coffee Table

An ottoman is so versatile that it could easily masquerade as a coffee table. Ottomans can be added in place of coffee tables reflect the plush and soft feel. As long as the foam can hold your coffee tray firmly in place, you have every reason why you should choose it for this purpose.

5. Creating A Reading Corner

Ottomans in a corner of room and a book in your hand is meant to come together for a wonderful reading experience. You can unwind with a book on hand or if you want to, use a footstool with a sofa for more comfort. Your pets can also rest on it to be merry and happy.

6. Storing Your Favourite Possessions

Ottomans with storage facilities can hold your books shoes or just about anything inside them. You could choose traditional pieces with spindle legs to add more storage to match the ambience in your room. It can add a casual warmth or a serenely royal touch to a room, by just placing it in places that you feel, can exude the feeling.

Story first published: Tuesday, December 20, 2022, 18:35 [IST]
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