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How To Use Mirrors Innovatively To Reflect Your Home Décor

Mirrors are really tricky, not only do they reflect an image, but they reflect our tastes and style as well. They are cheap, readily available and can instantly enhance the charm of the décor. They can create many visual illusions and relate to the fantasy world inside us.

Bring out your imagination, and tricks up your sleeves to think up ways and places to add them to your home. It literally adds a sparkle to a space and can work as a focal point for a room, making the hall look more spacious than it is. They reflect the glamour and impart the glow to your interiors. Scroll down for 5 tips.

1. Above The Furniture

Place mirrors where they can magnify the light inside a room. They are known to deflect light into the dark remote spaces of the house. If it is placed opposite a window, it can receive ample light and lend brightness and a spacious feel to the room.
It is advisable to hang them four to eight inches above the furniture or if you have a high ceiling, you can hang them higher. Do not go further than 8 inches.

2. Behind A Lamp

Hang a mirror over nightstands or as headboards with table lamps on both sides of the bed. They reflect extra light during the night and Feng shui wise (Chinese Geomancy), they are good too.

3. In Front of An Entrance, In Hallways

A mirror at the entrance will let everyone look at their reflection in the mirror before they enter and know how well-groomed, they are for the occasion. Both upstairs and down, it is best to demarcate some unattended spaces in your house that do not receive much light for placing the mirror. Placing a mirror above the entrance bench makes it look so much more spacious.

4. On A Gallery Wall

Mirrors fixed in picture frames are a great way to bring a glow to your gallery walls. They may reflect your moods better as well. Mix up or combine the mirrors with artwork on the wall, with artwork occupying the maximum space comparatively. Don't place mirrors next to each other.

Fixing a mirror in a chrome, nickel or black frame deserves a place in the bathroom and nowhere else. But if the frames used are classic, like walnut and mahogany wooden ones, ooze classic grace and elegance.

5. Near Windows In A Dining Room

Place them opposite windows in the dining hall so that it reflects natural light. Dining room mirrors reflect the decadent but classic old and if you are addicted to seeing your image in the mirror, you could still see others in the room who may be watching you too.

Story first published: Sunday, December 18, 2022, 9:14 [IST]
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