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How to Make Your Home Feel Like A Fancy Hotel - 5 Expert Tips

If there's something that all of us look forward to while travelling is relaxing hotel accommodation. Hotel rooms are more than just comfort. They are full of luxury, opulence, and grace, which have made concepts such as weekend getaways and staycations popular.

Now, what if we told you that it's possible to deck up your home to look like a hotel room? Simply skim through our suggestions below/

The Big Bed

The first thing we do when we enter the hotel room is fling our bags aside and dive on the bouncy bed. Well, we don't normally do that at home because the mattress on the bed is not too thick nor is the bed springy.

Smartly invest in a bed that makes you feel liberal. Get a mattress that's bouncy yet firm and thick so that you just completely sink into it.

Sometimes we long for a hotel room stay only for some quality rest. A good bed can relieve your body of pain and wake you up to complete rejuvenation filled with energy.

It's the Aroma

It's not always the tangibility that evokes the feeling of goodness in us. Something as elementary as incense sticks can work wonders. Having air fresheners and scented candles just lift the mood and makes us slow down after a stressful day.

Change that Bathroom Look

Change the accessories near your wash basins like hand washes, soaps, and towels with brighter colors or shades of the same color ones. Transform your old mirror with some quirky but decent borders. Having organic soaps and shampoos will surely give you a wholesome experience. Placing artwork is sometimes soothing as well.

If you think of placing a bathtub, it is always advisable to consider the structural loads the slab can take.

Introduce Flora into the Space

Plants are not only sweet gestures in space but are very good at balancing out the look. We often overlook plants as an extra cost or maybe to consume a dead space. But only if we look at them from a colorful and scent-emitting perspective, they are the tonic we need to make our rooms hotel-y. Plants are a good respite in the rooms and are very welcoming.

Lighting Matters a Lot

It's actually the lights that add the drama. Coves, tracks, hanging, or even table lamps work very well in bringing the hotel-y setting to function well. The warmth it offers is completely a magical treat. The play of shadow can be controlled and the apt placement can just make one entirely endure the beautiful situation that it offers.

You can also play with the drapes to control the natural light coming into the room. One can go for blackout curtains to avoid any rays from entering or go for translucent ones to add a mystical aura.

A stay in a hotel is brief but staying at home is of course permanent. We advise you to chalk out a budget and plan a design by visualising the experience beforehand. This will make your work trouble-free and you will understand what needs to be added and what will make sense even with the passage of time.

The experience is always thrilling.

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