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How To Clear The Sentimental Clutter At Home

Homes need constant decluttering as gifts from loved ones, spur of the moment purchases, last minute buys, and our favourite Knick knacks stack our shelves and corners of our homes. As days pass by, when home is totally cluttered with no space for the everyday stuff, the thought of decluttering comes in.

We have no way but to sort out, dispose off or retain our mementos and so on. But the hardest challenge that we face head on is while decluttering the stuff we are emotionally attached to, like your Grandpas watch that has stopped working long ago, or a gift from your good old friend, or the first Mixie you purchased from your salary which has survived umpteen repairs.

This does not mean all the sentimental clutter deserves a place in your cherished home. There may be certain items that may make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable. So decide to keep those that bring you welcome memories and uncomfortable memories can be wished away along with the items that brought them in. Before decluttering, ask yourself these three questions.

  • Are you willing to repurchase it at full price?
  • If someone you hate, gave this item as gift, would you keep it?
  • Does this item give you happy memories?

If your answers are a No to most of these questions, then it is best you dispose that You can handle your guilt by convincing yourself that it was only the gift that you gave away and not the person who gave it to you,"

Step 1: Set A Goal And Time

Set a goal for the whole and individual decluttering sessions. Have your family members with you while doing it as they can choose some of them to keep with them. Don't procrastinate. Open your wardrobe, drag out those boxes spilling over with your clothes, among other things, and find those that are close to your heart. Sentimental clutter may not always look good or be useful to you. It just touches your heart.

Step 2: Sort Through The Clutter

If you have a big collection of things, for example, birthday cards or mugs, only choose the most memorable ones and cast away the rest or hand it over to the needy. If you have outdated clothes in very good condition, that are stored from the past 10 years, hand them over to your niece or s friend who fits the size and dimensions perfectly or just give it to anyone who is grateful to you for handing it over.

A methodical idea is to keep four boxes and label them as Retain, donate, dispose off, and sell. You can go as per the instructions of the box once you have completely decluttered your home.

We keep purchasing at every stage and age of our lives and may be additionally fond of some of them. You can allot a nice big box for each stage of your life. For example, your childhood, and stuff it with an professional portrait of the toys or games which you treasured at that time. Each era comes alive with some reminiscences which is indicative of your evolution at each life stage. Also you cant keep something which you do not why it is still there with you.

Sometimes, you chance upon a T shirt which you wore in the 90s, still intact and well preserved. Turn them into quilts. Retain your old photograph in the form of a book mark which you use whenever you read. If you find something hard to get rid of, due to the sentimental value, capture it in a photo and keep it with you.

You need to keep in your home what matters most to you ..• Donate things like furniture, mugs which are in good condition. • Heirlooms can be shared with other family members• Photo frames and jewellery can find creative uses,

For items in good condition, donate them to charitable organizations or sel them locally ate commerce shops online.

3. Proudly Flaunt The Items You Have Decided To Keep

Display proudly in innovative ways those priceless items you have decided to keep. That priceless artwork from childhood or a figurine given by grandma on the shelf, would give you your much deserved moments of bliss,

Story first published: Saturday, December 17, 2022, 14:20 [IST]
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