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Easy Guide To Style A Bookshelf

If you are what they call a book lover then chances are you already have a dedicated book corner in your home or office. Or, if you have recently taken up reading as a hobby or way of life and plan to keep your favorite reads handy, then you must carve a reading nook in your home. Now, a well-styled bookshelf not only provides a safe surface to keep the books tidy and reachable but also elevates the overall room as well. A bookshelf is merely not a functional piece of furniture but it can also be an accent piece that looks attractive when styled perfectly!

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Looking forward to keeping and arranging your books in style? Then guard these easy-to-adapt tips to style a bookshelf like a decor pro:

Avoid Clutter

Firstly know that a bookshelf as the name suggests is for keeping and arranging books on a steady surface. To ensure that, you add just the same apart from a few additional decor objects. In case, you have added those plastic trays, bills, receipts, or any items that shouldn't be visible in the first place or should be kept in dedicated drawers or boxes should be removed from the bookshelf immediately. A bookshelf should look well-kempt, clean, and sorted.

Follow Rules But Make Yours Too

To keep the books in a neat manner, mostly these are arranged as per size, colour (jacket colour of the book), titles, authors, and more, You can, of course, follow these arrangement rules to form an eye-pleasing effect on the bookshelf. But you can certainly create your own rules for placing the books as well. For instance, place the books which you are not currently reading behind and vice versa.

Vertical, Horizontal, Or Both

Arranging the books vertically is one of the most common and preferred practices for styling the bookshelf. Keeping the books horizontal takes up a large space than vertical ones and makes a good choice if your bookshelf is spacious or when you have a limited number of books. For an interesting setup, you can alternate between vertical and horizontal placement between the shelves.

Add Some, Loose Some

For an avid reader, it is quite possible to possess more books. In case you have more books, then you must sort them out first before placing them on the bookshelf. Set aside those books which you don't plan to read or simply eat the dust. Donate the same or resell it. This will give you enough space to include new books whenever you plan to buy them!

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Create Interest With Objects

A bookshelf is simply not for adding books only. Adding only books on the same will give it a boring look. Add a few decor objects like photo frames, tabletop objects, a few souvenirs, etc to give it a bit of personality. That way, you can create an attraction point for anyone who visits your place.

A Hint Of Nature

Adding greenery in the form of potted plants, succulents, and a terrarium is a great way to decorate the bookshelf. Add greens in attractive planters and place them adjacent to the stack of books. If you can't devote yourself to real plants then attractive faux plants also make a clever choice to spruce up the bookshelf.

Story first published: Friday, November 25, 2022, 19:00 [IST]
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