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7 Best Tips For Selecting The Right Sofa For Your Space

It won't be an exaggeration to say that, our life revolves around the couch. From reading the morning paper, taking nap in the afternoon, and chilling with loved ones to relaxing after a demanding day, most of the major activities do take place on the couch. So, it makes complete sense to give it some thought before buying a new one or replacing the old one. Remember that buying a couch is THE most vital decision you will make for your living room or any given space!

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Here are some best tips for selecting the right couch for your space:

Know Your Lifestyle

Before getting enamored by different sofa styles that are available in furniture shops and making a hasty decision, think about your lifestyle first. For instance, for a big family, a sectional sofa makes a good choice. In a kid and pet-friendly space, it is vital to invest in a couch that has stain-resistant fabric upholstery. If comfort and relaxation are your prime requirement then recliners and motion sofas are perfect for you.

Consider Sofa Orientation

Before you select a couch, know the space where you will ideally place or orient the couch. For example, will you place the couch against the wall or at the center of the room with its back exposed? Also, if selecting a sectional couch, then ensure it has an ideal size that can easily fit into the given space or room.

Measure Your Space

Guard this sofa-buying tip to avoid making the biggest mishap of buying a vital piece of furniture - a Sofa! Measure your available space where you ideally wish to place the couch, which includes length, height, and width. Also, do note the measurement of the doorways, hallways, etc to bring in the correct size sofa inside your space.

Pay Attention To Upholstery Fabric

Selecting the right upholstery fabric is extremely important from the practical as well as aesthetic point of view. As mentioned above, if you have kids or pets at home, then select an upholstery that's stain and scratch resident. Dark colour upholstery couch is a good choice when you don't wish to give too much effort into cleaning the couch regularly. Light colour upholstery like white, beige, and more need regular maintenance for its pleasant upkeep!

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Select A Colour That Binds Your Space

It is possible that you may get attracted to different couches in delectable colours that are presented in a furniture store. But before finalizing the couch, consider your existing colour scheme in a room or given area. Also, take note of your pre-owned furniture piece's colour and pattern too to avoid making the couch look appear odd!

Select a Style That Suits Your Space

Apart from the colour, size, fabric, and upholstery pattern, consider a selective style for your new couch as well. Meaning, if your space features a traditional style, then go for a traditional-style couch. Likewise, you can select from modern, contemporary, industrial, shabby chic, etc. If you wish to present a mix-and-match style like boho, or eclectic style, then you can experiment with different style couches.

Check the Seat Cushions

Comfort is one of the prime factors in selecting the couch for your home. Always check the seat and back cushions for that comfortable feeling. Don't settle for a couch if it doesn't provide that feel-good factor or simply don't zero in on a couch only on the appearance. Test the comfort level of the couch at any cost. If buying online, schedule a demo or contact the dealer to understand the comfort dynamism of the seating furniture piece.

Story first published: Tuesday, November 22, 2022, 18:45 [IST]
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