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6 Best Tips To Select The Perfect Coffee Table

A coffee table is one of the most essential and functional pieces of furniture you think of investing in when setting up a home. Your seating arrangement will practically remain incomplete if you don't place a coffee table in front of the couch or sofa. From the TV remote, and newspapers to coffee mugs, a coffee table serves as a useful and handy surface. Now, when it comes to selecting a coffee table for your space, you need to certainly think beyond the colour and style of the same to make it work dually - functional as well as a decor piece!

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Here are 6 best tips to choose a perfect coffee table that can make it an attractive and valuable piece of furniture:


Before selecting the coffee table, eyeball the available space in your living room or seating zone. Always consider the distance between a couch and a coffee table. Ideally, the distance should be such that you should reach for the stuff kept on the coffee table easily and be able to stretch your legs. Around a 15- 18 inches gap is considered ideal.


Primarily, the size of the coffee table depends upon two prime factors - the size of the chosen space or room and the size of the sitting arrangement i.e.couch. Also, the height of the coffee table matters too. So, ideally, you must select a coffee table with a width of two-thirds the length of your sofa and a height of no lower than 1 or 2 inches of the height of the sofa. Go for a coffee table that looks proportionate enough with your other furniture pieces.


Apart from the size, the shape of the coffee table matters too. It very well depends upon what type of sofa you own or plan to buy. For instance, for a large or L-shaped couch, a rectangular coffee table makes the correct choice. For a compact sitting arrangement, a square shape coffee table can be accommodated easily.

For kids or a pet-friendly atmosphere, a round-shaped coffee table (with no sharp edges or corners) will make a practical choice. The overlapped coffee table set is also a cool choice when space constraint is the prime concern!

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Nowadays coffee tables are available in various material options. From glass, wooden, brass, steel, and acrylic to bamboo; you can select a coffee table that matches your style, preference, and budget. For instance, a bamboo-made coffee table is an economical choice and looks great if you plan to give a boho, eclectic vibe to the room.


It is pretty necessary that you follow the existing or future design style of your living room or chosen space where you plan to add the coffee table. You can select from different styles i.e.modern, contemporary, boho, vintage, and more. For example, in a contemporary-styled room, a sleek metal table with a stone or glass top appears fabulous. Similarly, in a traditional setup, a coffee table featuring lovely carving would make an apt choice!


The primary function of any coffee table is to work as a practical surface to place or add essential things mug, and magazines. So, always consider the functionality point before selecting the coffee table. Checklist a few key points like will the coffee table will serve purposes like functional or decorative or both? So, if storage is your prime requirement, then pick a coffee table with drawers and shelves. Also, if a decorative coffee table is what you are looking for then pick one with an attractive, offbeat shape or style.

Story first published: Friday, November 25, 2022, 19:45 [IST]
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