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Keeping Your House Clean This Monsoon

Our homes are often a reflection of our personality. They describe our inner selves and that is why we take ages to decorate the interiors of our homes to reflect our style. We also work round the clock to keep our house spick and span at all times. But the weather sometimes can conspire against us.

Rains are definitely a huge respite from the heat that encapsules us in the summer season. But the rains in a tropical country like ours have a long list of troubles that they bring with them. While the outdoors are all muddy and wet, irking the cleanliness freak in us, the interiors too become glum during the rains.

Rains can be horrendous for our interiors. The combination of rainwater and mud can put stains all around the house, which are difficult to get rid of. The pristine white floorings and the creamy upholstery may look pretty otherwise, but in the monsoons, they can be an absolute terror.

For the working women, you may not have the liberty to clean all the corners of the house all through the monsoons. Therefore, you may be in dire need of some easy tips and tricks in order to keep your house sparkling clean in the monsoons as well.

We understand that your home is your pride. So why should it suffer due to the weather? That is why we bring to you some simple tricks to keep your house clean this monsoon.

Here are some easy to do things that will help keep your home clean this monsoon.

1) Do Away With Carpets Of Any Kind

Carpets can become a storehouse of germs and dirt. Getting rid of them altogether may just give you one less thing to clean. Also, this will make it easier to mop and clean the floors and keep them free from stains and germs.

2) Relocate Furniture

Furniture, especially wooden ones, need to be kept at a safe distance from doors or windows in order to keep them from ruining.

3) Replace Light Coloured Drapes With Darker Colours

Stains on drapes and other upholstery are inevitable. While cleaning them may not be a big issue here, drying them certainly is. Therefore, it may be a wise decision to replace your favourite white curtains and table spreads with darker colours. Adding colours will liven up the place for you too.

4) Strict No Footwear Inside The House Rule

This rule should be made compulsory around the monsoons. By allowing footwear inside the house, you are allowing a wide range of germs and dirt in too. Footwear should strictly be restricted outside the house. It will save you a lot of cleaning and sanitizing later on for sure.

5) A Separate Storage Rack For Storing Wet Stuff

Things such as raincoats and umbrellas should not be brought inside the house. You can place some hooks or a rack, in the outdoors where these can be dried and stored as well.

6) Keeping Furniture Dry

Monsoons can be very hard on our furniture as the moisture in the air can make them a breeding ground for germs. But this can be prevented by cleaning them regularly with a dry cloth. Also, make sure to keep a distance between the walls and your furniture as damp walls in the monsoons can be devastating for our wooden pals.

7) Bed Sheets And Blankets Should Be Washed Before The Rains

Thick blankets and bed spreads should be washed, dried and stored carefully before the arrival of the monsoons. Lighter blankets which can be washed and most importantly, dried more easily should be used in the monsoons for ease of use and hygiene.

8) Making A Special Place For Drying Clothes Indoors

A room which is well ventilated and not often used can be converted into the laundry room for the monsoons to give your clothes a special place to dry themselves during the rains. Cleaning and properly drying of clothes are important in order to keep them from spoiling. You can place some naphthalene balls around the room in order to mask the damp smell from the clothes.

9) Installing A Dehumidifier

Excess humidity is our worst enemy in the monsoons. Not only does it spoil the furniture and other things around the house, it can wreak havoc for us too. Excess moisture can encourage the growth of bacteria and fungus on the surface of our skin, giving way to various skin problems. Installing a dehumidifier may be quite a bit of an investment, but will surely save you a lot of trouble in the future.

10) Stock Up On Sanitizers And Cleaners

During the monsoons, you may have to clean the floors more often to keep them away from dirt as well as germs. Therefore, stocking up on cleaners may save you some trips to the supermarkets, which may be a boon in the rains.

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