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Easy DIY Home Decor Tricks

Home is indeed where the heart is. Irrespective of what we do with our careers or what our workplace is, the one place all of us want to return back to is our home. That is why, most of us leave no stone unturned to ensure that the home where we live in is customized to our taste and liking.

Now, it is not always possible that you will find exactly what you need in the market. In many cases, it is difficult to even explain to the shopkeeper exactly what you want.

In such a scenario, the best thing that you can do is to go for some personalized DIY home décor ides. This not only ensures that your home looks entirely unique, but also makes sure that you don't have to shell out a fortune. So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and explore this article for the 10 unique and elegant DIY home décor ideas.

1. Ruffle Lampshade

For this, all you need is some linen fabric and hot glue. Take an old lamp shade and make ruffles with the linen. For the best effect, make sure that the color of the linen fabric that you are using is light. This will ensure that the lampshade gives off maximum color. Once that is done, paste the same with hot glue and allow it to stand for a couple of hours before putting the lampshade to use.

2. Shutter Side Table

During the renovation of the house, you must have got rid of the old shutter windows that are now resting somewhere in the store room. Now, it is time for you to pull out four of those and join them to form a cube-like structure (without the lids, of course). Once that is done, place a glass slab over it and your side table is ready. The weathered finish of this tiny table will be deemed complete with a potted plant or a vase of blooms placed on top of it.

3. Hand Dyed Napkins

Take a set of six napkins and dye them in a color of your choice. Then, fold these napkins and place it on top of plain white plates every time you invite guests home. The faded hues of the napkins that you had dyed would look as fresh as new napkins. In case you want to take this a little bit further, you can also consider placing the napkins on top of place mats as well.

4. Renovate Old Chairs

The first and foremost thing that one notices about a chair is its rim. Sadly enough, this is the part of the chair that gets worn out most easily too. In order to do away with this problem, the easiest way out would be to use leftover paint from your walls to refresh the frames of an old chair. This will not just make the chair look like it is in sync with the room, but will also give the entire room a fresh appeal.

5. Curtain Makeover

If you are bored of your old curtains, an easy way to uplift that would be by adding pompoms along its edges. This small change will give the curtain the extra lure and give it a completely new look. If you liked the idea, you may extend the same to pillows and cushions. Remember that the pompoms that you use for your curtains, pillows or cushions may be of the same or contrast colors. Either way, it will look good.

6. Candle Lampshade

There is nothing like a candle-light dinner. You can give the conventional candle-light dinner a modern appeal with the help of these homemade candle lamp shades. All that you have to do here is to place a LED tea light in a wineglass. After that, all that you have to do is to cover the same with a paper shade and you are ready for a romantic dinner with the love of your life.

7. Suitcase Table

In most modern houses, storage is a cause of major concern. In such a situation, one of the best things that you can do is to add vintage luggage to your room. You can do so by placing an old suitcase in a small table at the foot of the bed. This can be used for stashing books or blankets.

8. Instant Bench

This is easy to make. All that you have to do here is to attach hairpin legs to a piece of laminated wood. Do not add any decorations over it. This simple piece of furniture will not just prove to be a great shoe-tying spot, but can add elegance and grace to your otherwise dull room. Also, since laminates are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can create innumerable number of benches (based on your demand and requirements) with minimal efforts.

9. Brass Tacks

You can create marvels if you know how to use the brass tacks well. All you have to do is buy some brass tacks from the nearby hardware or fabric store and tap or push them along the lines of a table, chair or bench. This will give an eye-catching accent and will make the entire room look way more appealing than what it was. After all, gone is the era when upholstery tack was restricted to sofas alone.

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10. Coin Bank

Take a cylindrical pack of used wet wipes and rinse it clean. Allow it to dry, after which take off the label. Once that is done, print a new label that says 'Coin Bank'. Alternatively, you can let your creativity take you for a ride and you can write it down yourself in pastel colors, instead of getting a print out of the same. Affix the same with a tape. Your coin bank is ready. Change can be dropped in through a top hole. This is an excellent tool for teaching your children the value of money and that every penny counts.

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